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Wall Mounted Pull Out & Swivel

Wall Mounted Pull Out & Swivel Automated Flat Panel Mount

The beauty and utility of a wall mounted flat-screen TV is even more enhanced with the INCA fully automatic and remote controlled, near silent, Wall Mount system. At the press of a button, you can bring your TV out of the wall and rotate it to the most desired viewing position. With the touch of a button, you can also initiate automatic commands that reverse motions, from any position, to bring the flat-screen TV back to the wall.

These systems are fast and easy to install. They are designed for up to a 65” flat panel TV weighing less than 75 pounds.

Features include the following:

• Includes a two-button radio remote or dry contact controller

• Completely assembled in wall mounting frame

• Cable management system

• VESA rated mounting system

• Limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

• Fast and easy installation

• Near silent operation

Inside the THX Studios...THX Selected a full S300 System as their reference speakers.

M&K Sound is among the Elite when it comes to Audio Production!

With more than 40 years’ experience M&K Sound has provided studio monitors to Award-Winning blockbusters such as The Lord of The Rings, Pearl Harbor and Star Wars. M&K Sounds’ sound production and speakers has received international recognition.

All the movies won Academy Awards for sound – and are all mixed and edited on M&K Sound speakers;

  • Star Wars
  • King Kong
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Wall E
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Incredibles
  • Black Hawk Down

OmniMount AV Wall Shelf Replaces Bulky Media Furniture


  • Create a minimalist look with an AV wall shelf -- no need for furniture!
  • Works with TVs of any size
  • Store and display your tech gear beneath your TV
  • Includes hassle-free cable channel system for routing and concealing wires on the wall
  • Cable channel can be painted or trimmed
  • Wall shelf easily accommodates a sound bar or side-by-side components
  • Under-shelf cubby houses small components and electronic accessories
  • Cubby easily accommodates a surge protector power strip
  • Simple installation
  • Post-installation leveling for added ease of install
  • Mount in the desired spot regardless of stud location
  • Use alone or with multiple OWS60 shelves
  • Includes complete hardware kit for drywall or wood stud
  • Adjustable shelf height
OmniMount AV Wall Shelf Replaces Bulky Media Furniture
OmniMount, a leader in AV mounting solutions and pioneer of AV wall furniture, is now shipping the OWS22 AV Wall Shelf for supporting a small component underneath a wall mounted TV.

“Old school media furniture was made for bulky TVs and media components,” said Kevin Paulson, director of product management for OmniMount. “It takes up a ton of space on the floor and in a lot of cases isn’t necessary. TVs and components are lighter and more sophisticated now, and an AV Wall Shelf is often the best way to display a component or two under a wall mounted TV.”

The OWS22 wall shelf is compact and modular and supports up to 22 pounds. The shelf can be used alone or with additional OWS22 units for managing multiple components. The simple design is great for a single component, like a cable box, DVD player or gaming system. Features like a complete hardware kit and post-installation levelling ensure a quality installation.

“The design of OmniMount’s wall shelves are so functional and good looking that the applications go beyond AV,” Paulson continued. “We’ve seen people use the shelves as nightstands or to display decorations.”

Compass Control Training
Vancouver September 29th, 2015

Call today to book your seat!


Compass Control® represents the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® as its backbone.

With the power of iOS and the Compass Control® App for the iPad®, iPad mini®,iPhone®, and iPod® touch, control for your dream system has become a reality thanks to simple swipe gestures and the simplicity of Compass Control’s beautiful graphic interface. Using Key Digital’s Compass Navigator™ software, programming a Compass Control® device is an intuitive step by step process utilizing simple ‘drag and drop’ gestures.

Learn more about Compass Control and Take a Test Drive!

Summer Specials
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Arrow Wire & Cable Tackers

ARROW Wire & Cable Tacker Brochure Link

Arrow Wire Tackers are ideal for use with RG59/RG6 cable, CAT5/CAT6 cables, Speaker Wire, LVT and various different types of cabling. The all steel construction of these staplers ensures that they will last use after use. Each stapler has a variety of staple options to suite many different applications, including staples for use with non-metallic wire.

Home Theatre Soundbar Options


HTF7003/HTF8003 Brochure Link

Designed to compliment today’s stylish flat panel televisions 32in. and larger, the HTF7003 soundbar may look diminutive, but the sound it produces is anything but. Listening to a movie on the HTF7003 is to be fully immersed in the soundtrack. The sound is so clear, detailed, and dynamic, you will feel everything the actors are experiencing on screen, be it the full range of emotions in your favorite drama, or all the action packed excitement of the latest blockbuster.

Whether the system is wall mounted or sitting on a cabinet, when you press play, the KEF HTF7003 soundbar will fill your whole room with the soundtrack and you will be transported into the action.

Today’s sleek flat panel televisions demand an audio solution that not only compliments their stylish good looks but also faithfully reproduces the detailed high definition audio from today’s movie soundtracks. The solution is the new KEF HTF8003 soundbar - a perfect combination of incredible audio performance and stylish good looks.

Delivering on the promise of KEF’s legendary sound quality and rock solid sonic imaging, the HTF8003 produces the home theatre’s front soundstage from a single acoustically inert aluminum enclosure that produces the performance of three discrete loudspeakers. Each of the three awe-inspiring channels is comprised of a remarkable three-way speaker system containing a KEF Uni-Q® driver with 75mm (2.95in.) mid-bass driver and 15mm (0.6in.) HF driver, a 75mm (2.95in.) woofer, and 75mm (2.95in.) ABR for extended bass output.

Star Light Fiber Optic Ceilings


Star Light Fiber Optic Ceilings

Feature Presentations fiber optic Panels is the newest technology in digital star lighting. Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of the star ceiling Panel.

Provide your clients the ultimate effect in ceiling design with star clusters, firework display and shooting stars with the convenience of clean and simple installation.

Sparkling pin points of light appear through fabric wrapped fiberglass panels. Star Panels can be customized by shape, size, quantity and patterns of of light per panels.

Unlimited selection of light patterns are available from a random spacing as in a star field to custom designs and pictures. Light can move, pulse, sequence or alternate to provide unique effects or can simply appear together. Panels may also be used in ceilings, walls for accent panels, limousines or other custom applications. Custom finishes to accent all color scenes. Custom sizes available. Special color effects can be achieved by using colored LEDs.

Audyssey Pro Calibration Kit

Audyssey Pro Calibration Kit

At the core of everything Audyssey creates is our first technology, MultEQ™. Based on 6 years and $6 million of research at the USC Immersive Audio Lab, MultEQ delivers accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound in any listening environment. It has won numerous awards and is the basis of several other Audyssey technologies. MultEQ has been established as the standard room correction technology for today's leading audio products.

Room distortion is caused by sound reflecting from surfaces within the listening space. A patented time domain method was developed to accurately capture the negative effects of these reflections at multiple locations.
The distribution of the problems caused by reflections is not uniform. Traditional averaging techniques give equal weight to each problem. Audyssey developed a new method to automatically assign greater importance to larger problems, therefore using processing resources more effectively.

With this information, MultEQ creates equalization filters for each channel resulting in improved soundstage, accurate tonal balance and smoother bass.

Audyssey MultEQ Pro allows up to 32 calibration points (unlike the capped 8 position calibration of MultEQ XT). The Sound Equalizer is intended for the custom installer market. An Audyssey-trained installer uses the Installer Kit that comes with an individually calibrated mic (with cal file that matching it to an industry-standard ¼" B & K reference mic), calibrated preamp, USB cable, mic stand, and 72' of XLR cables. Best of all it comes in a beautiful padded carry case that can be taken on-site for MultEQ Pro installations.

AirCharge Wireless Charging Grommet


AirCharge Wireless Charging Grommet

The AirCharge solution enables users to power and charge their devices without the hassle of messy cords or cables. Designed to be easily installed in table surfaces, the sleek grommet fits into any standard 80 mm (approx. 3") opening and can be integrated into a variety of spaces offering a convenient way to charge any Qi compatible smartphone or device without the need to carry charging cables or find an available power outlet. A steel mounting plate and screws are included allowing customers the option to secure the grommet in place.

Devices not equipped with the Qi technology, can be adapted to accept a charge from the AirCharge unit by simply placing the AirCharge Wireless Receiver on the grommet and connecting a device to the Wireless Receiver using the connections provided.


AirCharge Brochure Link

4K/UHD, 8×2 Multi-Format Matrix Switcher with Dual, HDBaseT and Mirrored HDMI Outputs

4K/UHD 8x2 Multi-Format Matrix Switcher

The Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-824 is an 8×2, 4K/UHD @ 60Hz matrix switcher with multi-format signal-handling, Ethernet-enabled 100-meter HDBaseT™ input/output extension, and advanced audio capabilities.

  • 8×2 matrix switcher with HDBaseT and HDMI ports for each output
  • Three Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT inputs
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • One multi-function analog input on 15-pin HD connector
  • Two Ethernet-enabled, HDBaseT outputs
  • Audio output matrix mixer
  • Two, balanced, stereo audio outputs on 6-pin captive screw connectors


  • Three Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT inputs
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • One multi-funtion analog video input


  • Two Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT outputs, each with a mirrored HDMI output

AT-UHD-CLSO-824 Brochure link

Exceptional Sounding MX2275e Stereo Amplifier


A comparable amplifier without the Eco-System™ circuit uses about 14 times (65 watts) as much power while idling in standby. By comparison, the MX2275e with Eco-System™ uses under 5 watts while idling!

For more than 25 years, Knoll multi-channel amplifiers have sold around the world because of their legendary reliability and unparalleled sound quality. The MX2275e takes the next logical step by being eco-friendly. Please consider the environment when choosing your next system. The MX2275e cannot be mono bridged.


The Eco-friendly choice

The Knoll MX2275e is an exceptional sounding class A/B amplifier that produces 275 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 205 watts per channel at 8 ohms. While offering unparalleled reliability, power and sound quality the MX2275e offers a Knoll exclusive, the Eco-System™ circuit. This patent pending circuit determines when sound is required and delivers power only to the channel's) needing it. The channels that are "off" are truly off, not in "standby" or "mute".

The class A/B amplifier design circuitry was chosen simply because of its obvious sound quality superiority over other high efficiency designs such as class D or H.

The most important feature of the Eco-System™ circuit is the electrical savings that is delivered to the owner over what a comparable class A/B amplifier will cost to operate. The typical home owner will see a savings of hundreds of dollars or more per year in actual electrical costs and that can be multiplied when taking into account the increased costs of air conditioning the home to extract unwanted heat produced by a typical amplifier.

Flexo F6 Flexible, Semi-Rigid Wrappable Split Tube



Flexible, Semi-Rigid Wrappable Split Braid Tube

FLEXO F6’s unique split, semi-rigid braided construction makes it the ideal solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance. The lateral split allows the tube to open up to accommodate a wide variety of bundling requirements, and the semi-rigid braid configuration simply closes around the entire installation without the need for any additional fasteners (Velcro, tape, etc.). The 10 mil PET braid is lightweight, quiet and flexible. The 25% edge overlap (at nominal diameter) allows coverage around inline plugs, connectors and splices.

F6 will bend to a tight radius without distorting or splitting open and, unlike full rigid tubing, will not impair or affect the flexibility of harnesses. Allows for addition or removal of wires without disassembly.

  • Easy, Cost Effective Installation

  • More Flexible than Split Convoluted or Spiral Wrap

  • 25% Edge Overlap

  • Cut and Abrasion Resistant

  • Halogen Free

  • Retains Shape & Rigidity Throughout -94°F to 257°F Temp. Range

  • Melt Temp 482°F

F6 Brochure Link


Grandview Projector Lift


GPCK-ME1000 Refiner Series Projector Lift

The Grandview "Refiner" Series Projector lift delivers smooth operation with low noise level (<45dB) and holds up to 25Kg. Designed with high strength steel, this lift has a 1 meter range and the minimum installation height is just 190mm.

  • Heavy-Duty tubular motor and fireproof belt.
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Universal panel for use with a variety of projectors
  • Adjustable Height

GPCK-ME Brochure Link

NEW Audio Wall & Ceiling Mounts



Speaker Mount - Wall

Coming Soon! Enhance your audio system: OmniMount’s Stainless Steel Series 15.0 Speaker Mount is a top-of-the-line solution that directs sound where you want it. Attach speakers weighing up to 15 lbs (7 kg) almost anywhere on a wall. The 15.0’s polymer ball fits snugly within its bracket, and a small threaded shaft connects to the speaker. The ball rotates to precisely position the speaker for maximized audio distribution.

  • Polymer-injected ball controls resonance frequencies for better sound
  • Stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
  • Suitable for all-weather use
  • Ball and clamp design for greater mounting flexibility
  • Includes clamp and jaw
  • Includes complete hardware kit


Speaker Mount - Ceiling

Coming Soon! Enhance your audio system: OmniMount’s Stainless Steel Series 15.0 Speaker Mount is a top-of-the-line solution that directs sound where you want it. Attach speakers weighing up to 15 lbs (7 kg) almost anywhere on a ceiling. The 15.0’s polymer ball fits snugly within its bracket, and a small threaded shaft connects to the speaker. The ball rotates to precisely position the speaker for maximized audio distribution.

  • Polymer-injected ball controls resonance frequencies for better sound
  • Stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
  • Suitable for all-weather use
  • Ball and clamp design for greater mounting flexibility
  • Includes clamp and jaw
  • Includes complete hardware kit

Link to 15.0 Wall Mount Brochure

Link to 15.0 Ceiling Mount Brochure

*** 25lb version also to release soon!

4x4 HDMI Matrix TV Wall Processor


CE Labs DVPD44 4X4 Matrix TV Wall Processor

The DVPS44 4x4 HDMI Matrix TV Wall Processor, provides the most flexible and cost effective solution in the market to route high definition video sources, plus multi-channel (up to 7.1-channel) digital audio, from any of the four HDMI sources to remote displays. Can be used as a Matrix Switch (4 Inputs/4 Outputs), or as a wall processor.

  • Allows any HDMI display to view any HDMI source at any time like a Matrix Switch or Wall Processor

  • Supports 7.1 channel digital audio

  • Supports default HDMI EDID & learns the EDID of displays

  • Can switch any output channels to any HDMI input by push-in button, IR remote control, RS-232 control, and Ethernet control

  • Easy installation with rack & wall-mounting designs

  • Fast response time for channel switch

  • Four user-selectable HDMI outputs from 640x480 to 1920x1200

  • Supports HDMI/DVI input, from 640x480 to 1920x1080@60, interlaced or progressive

  • Resize, position, zoom, rotation, fade-in, fade-out to scale output video

  • Each HDMI output has an independent controllable display

  • HDMI and HDCP compliant

  • Software control through RS-232

  • Image parameters and layouts are automatically saved in flash memory of the device and can be recalled for later use

  • Several image parameters and layouts can be saved in computers and can be loaded for later use

  • Firmware upgradable for support of new features and technology enhancements

Link to DVPS44 brochure

Introducing the HDO2250 High Output DLP Projector


HDO2250 Key Features and Benefits

  • Super bright image. 4500 ANSI lumens allows viewing in higher ambient light conditions and on much larger screens.

  • Unbelievable 10,000:1 contrast ratio for such a bright projector.

  • Full HD 3D sync with DLP®-Link™, Blu-ray 3D movie playback and Broadcasts 3D.

  • DLP® DarkChip™ and BrilliantColor™ technologies from TI and Maxplay™ with Knoll calibration.

  • New efficient lamp offers up to 4000 hours of lamp life and the fan is whisper-quiet at 32 dB.

  • Factory calibrated to 6500° (D65) and color balance for a true cinema experience.

  • Crestron® Roomview™ certified.

The Knoll HDO2250 DLP Projector

High output with high contrast. Now that's something special...

After two years of development in new color wheel technology, our engineers are pleased to present the latest in high output, high contrast projection. Suitable for theaters seating up to 100 people or more the HDO2250 is a no-compromise projector. The image is so bright it can be used in spaces that could not house a video projector previously. This projector comes with all the bells and whistles of a top quality "professional grade" projector with high output, high contrast, 3D playback but without the "scary" price tag. The new color wheel eliminates traditional rainbow effects.

As always our projectors are shipped with Knoll Systems exclusive video calibration. As an added bonus, bulb life has been extended over our previous high output models.

The HDO2250 delivers amazing video performance and digital images to the screen at an unheard of price for a high output true cinema projector. The two most obvious differences between a cinema projector and one that is designed to show computer images in a business setting are:

1. Cinema projectors have a native resolution of 1080p (making true high definition viewable).

2. The contrast ratio of a cinema projector is at least 5000:1 or the image looks washed out instead of crisp.

The Pixelworks processor in Knoll's HDO2250 creates an authentic cinematic setting in your home theater every time. Bright enough to use a 350" (900 cm) diagonal 16:9 screen, your theater can seat up to 100 people or more. Knoll has been manufacturing and selling cinema video projectors since 1991. The HDO2250 is by far the brightest, high contrast Knoll projector yet. It is also one of our quieter projectors at only 32 dB so you don't have to listen to your projector while you watch it!

HDO2250 Brochure Link

Introducing the HEOS Drive


The Details
For maximum flexibility, the line level outputs are configurable. In their out-of-box state, they are full bandwidth and variable, allowing a zone to be used in conjunction with an external power amplifier if needed. In this application, the 12-volt trigger output typically can be used to provide a turn-on signal to the connected power amplifier. Alternatively, these outputs can set to fixed if being used in conjunction with an amplifier with its own volume control. Beyond that, the line-level outputs can be set to insert a high-pass filter with selectable crossover frequencies. In any setting, the line-level outputs are set to stereo in their out-of-box state. However, for most distributed audio applications, they can be switched to mono, allowing for both the left and right channels to play out of either speaker.

The left line level output can be configured as a subwoofer output with selectable low-pass filter frequencies. This would allow the use of the HEOS App to remotely choose the crossover frequency for the subwoofer rather than setting it on the subwoofer itself. In this application, the LFE input of the subwoofer should be used rather than its line-level inputs, thereby bypassing the subwoofer’s internal crossover.

The speaker-level outputs match the settings of the line-level outputs as either full-range or high-pass. As is the case with the line-level outputs, high-pass crossover frequencies can be set using the latest version of the HEOS App.

The HEOS Drive will be controllable by all the same 3rd-party control solutions as the rest of the HEOS family of products. Please check with your preferred vendors for driver availability.

The HEOS Amp and HEOS Link have already developed a reputation as offering best-in-class sound quality, build quality, flexibility and output in the case of the Amp. From their Burr-Brown DACs and ELNA capacitors to their dual-layer chassis, the HEOS Amp and Link have set themselves apart from all other wireless multi-room audio amplifiers and preamplifiers. However, when an installation calls for more than two channels of amplification, multiple HEOS Amps must be used, and they are too wide to fit side-by-side on a rack mount shelf.

Enter the NEW HEOS Drive. Offering a combination of performance and configurability that is unprecedented and unequaled, the HEOS Drive will quickly become a "go to" product for complex, multi-room distributed audio installations using passive loudspeakers.

The Basics
The HEOS Drive is a 2U (with feet removed), rack-mountable, 8-channel, 4-zone HEOS amplifier and preamplifier. Each channel is rated at 70 watts into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz at less than .1% THD. Two or four channels of the Drive can be bridged, allowing it to be reconfigured as a 6- or 4-channel amplifier. In bridged mode, the Drive is rated to deliver in excess of 100 watts per channel. Each zone can be treated as if it were an independent HEOS Amp or Link, allowing for streaming of all physical and cloud-based content supported by the HEOS App. The Drive offers the same IP control of Denon and Marantz AVRs as the Link.

In addition to the high quality, 5-way binding posts, each zone of the Drive includes a pair of analog inputs and outputs, a USB port, and a 12-volt trigger output. There are also two optical and two coaxial digital inputs. All inputs are matrixed, so that any source connected to any zone of the HEOS Drive can be made available as a source for any other zone. All inputs can be named to make source navigation easier for both the integrator and end user. There is a pair of Ethernet ports, allowing for as many as eight HEOS Drives to be daisy-chained for a total of 32 zones. The Drive is supplied with removable feet and rack mount ears. In recognition of its intended application, the HEOS Drive is the only HEOS product without built-in Wi-Fi.

The HEOS Drive uses the same Class-D amplifier topology as the HEOS Amp, a product that has been widely regarded as offering the best sound quality in the category. The HEOS Drive uses the same high performance digital-to-analog converter as the HEOS Amp and Link: The Burr-Brown PCM5102A 32-bit, 384kHz DAC. Finally, the HEOS Drive includes a Dolby Digital/Digital+ decoder to allow a display or set-top-box to be connected directly using its digital output regardless of the output setting of the device. Multi-channel audio will be down-mixed into stereo.


Introducing the HEOS Home Cinema

As part of our ongoing commitment to expand the HEOS product lineup, we are extremely pleased to officially launch the HEOS Home Cinema. This Sound Bar/Subwoofer package is one of three new solutions that will be joining the existing HEOS ecosystem during the next two months.

This Sound Bar/Subwoofer package comes fully equipped with numerous inputs (HDMI, Coaxial, Analog, Optical and USB) and provides a best in class experience! We are officially accepting preorders and will begin shipping in July.


2.1 HEOS Wireless Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub
1 x HDMI Input
1 x HDMI Output with ARC
1 x Coaxial Digital Input
1 x Optical Digital Input
1 x USB Input
 DTS Decoding
 Wall Mount Ready
 1 x Analog Input
 1 x Ethernet Port
 Dolby Decoding

4K HDBaseT/HDMI® Extenders


System Design Example



KD-X400ProK - HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 (Tx + Rx Set) Extenders, support Ultra HD/4K, EDID Control, Hot Plug Control, Full Buffer System, IR Sensor, Up/Down IR & RS-232.

Key Features

  • HDBaseT via Single CAT5e/6 UTP/STP Extension: With fully automatic adjustment of feedback, equalization, and amplification depending on cabling length.

  • Signal Extension:

    • Up to 150 ft. @ 4K/24/25/30/60 using KD-CAT6STP1X cabling

    • Up to 125 ft. @ 4K/24/25/30/60 using third-party CAT5e/6 UTP/STP

    • Up to 250 ft. @ 1080p/1920x1200 using KD-CAT6STP1X cabling

    • Up to 200 ft. @ 1080p/1920x1200 using third-party CAT5e/6 UTP/STP

    • 4K/Ultra HD: Support for 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 24/25/30Hz at 4:4:4 or 60Hz at 4:2:0

  • EDID Control: Internal library features 15 default EDID configurations and native

  • EDID data from Output/Display devices connected via Rx

  • Hot Plug Detection Control: Enables integrator to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected input and output devices

  • Full Buffer System™: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication to source & display, and EDID Control handshake

  • IR Sensor: Sensor powering via +5V on IR In ports collects line-of-sight IR from remote(s) without external IR connecting block

  • Up/Down IR: Two channels of IR enable control to/from devices connected to Tx and Rx units

  • RS-232: Bi-Directional control to/from Tx and Rx unit on DB9 connector

  • RS-232 Control Mode: Provides control of Tx unit as well as connectivity status

  • 3D: Support for standard 3D stereoscopic signal formats

  • Deep Color Support: 12bit Deep Color video / 8bit color for 4K/60

  • Lossless compressed digital audio: Support for Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio™

  • CEC Support: For inter-device control between main input and output HDMI channel

KD-X400ProK Brochure Link

Outdoor Displays

UltraViewTM & XtremeTM


Embrace the freedom of taking entertainment to new locations. Peerless-AV® UltraView™ TVs provide an elegant true outdoor TV solution. Instead of packaging TVs into expensive enclosures that still require openings to the outside environment, Peerless-AV® has created a new class of flat panel displays that creates a true outdoor TV. With a fully-sealed design, there are no vents, fans or filters to the outside that can expose the internal components to the elements, insects or even a spilled drink.


There has never been an outdoor flat panel display like the Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ display. Eliminating the need for vents, filters or exhaust fans, the unique fully-sealed design provides the ultimate protection against weather, water and dust. A patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ system keeps internal components safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled in extreme heat. The unit is Compatible with all control systems via RS232 or IR. The Peerless-AV® outdoor flat panel display has the highest ratings for waterproof and dustproof in its class, making it the perfect choice for any location, indoor or out.

Outdoor Display Brochure Link

Low-Cost approach to Perimeter Security!
CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System

  • "Most Innovative Product of the Year" (LightFair's highest award)
  • "Best in Industrial, Emergency, Exit Category" (LightFair)
  • "Product Innovation Award" (Architectural Products)
  • "Product Innovation Award" (Architectural SSL)
  • "Security's Best Winner" (ASIS Accolades)
  • "Top 30 Technology Innovations" (Security Sales and Integration)
  • "Homeland Security - Best Perimeter Protection Finalist" (Government Security News)
CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System

"The combination of low-wattage LED's and extremely wide voltage range allow perimeter lighting runs up to 500 ft. per low-voltage wire."


A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaries' and a reliable power supply. Mounted on fence posts, these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. Can also be used in any lighting application where long wire runs are required (such as wooded paths and piers). These luminaries' have numerous applications for a variety of end users in both permanent and temporary installations.

  • Commercial and Municipal Properties to illuminate long perimeters or pathways
  • Airport Perimeters
  • Energy Providers for power plants and substations
  • Public Parks
  • Residential areas where perimeters need added security but must comply with strict dark-sky ordinances
  • Military - for permanent installations and rapid deployment settings
  • Temporary Fence Providers
  • Event Providers
  • Construction Companies to secure construction sites
  • Aid and Relief Stations
  • Law Enforcement to secure accident and crime scenes



  • Low Cost
  • Simple Installation
  • Safe Low-Voltage
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Dark-Sky Compliant
  • Introductory Video

    Cast LED Perimeter Lighting System Video

    Perimeter LED Lighting

    View Cast LED Perimeter Lighting Webinar

    Installation Demonstration Video

    Faster, more reliable installations...the box you wanted but couldn’t find.

    The IWB-1 and IWB-2 finally gives you the ability to mount your flat screen...flat to the wall. With its versatile mounting ability and integrated punch-out system, it will help with any flat panel installation. You can easily hide components and power protection inside the wall, organized and protected. You now have the ability to complete and test your component installation before installing the TV. Made from powder coated steel, the box is durable and appealing.

    Built-in knockouts for metal electrical boxes allow you to mount your power directly to the inside of the box. With knockouts on two sides, they are always in the perfect spot.

    With knockouts on all four sides, You can mount your wall plates directly to the enclosure, no need for additional retrofit rings...faster, less money, and more reliable. Now your connections are out of the way, but always accessible

    Don’t ever fight with a ‘Dog Ear’ again...or lose one in the wall. Our innovative ‘Dog Ears’ which install from the inside of the enclosure won’t fall into the wall cavity. With incredible gripping power, they can support the enclosure by themselves, or add additional support when stud mounted

    Mount all of your components easily to the rear breadboard of the enclosure.

    Need to rearrange? it’s easy! Simply unclip our UMC clamping system, relocate the components and remount them in seconds

    ** Magnetic cover now available for the IWB-2

    CASE, STAND & WALL MOUNT, for iPad®


    CAST LED Impressionist Series


    4K/UHD 5 Input HDMI Switcher

    The Atlona AT-UHD-SW-51 is a 5x1 HDMI switcher with auto-switching and advanced control capability. The switcher supports 4K/UHD @ 60 Hz, 4:2:0; offers 3D pass-through, and 10.2 Gbps bandwidth. With front panel buttons and IR control, it can be a standalone switcher. Designed as a cost-effective, easy to install solution, the switcher offers a web-based GUI for easy set-up and management of EDID and HDCP. Additional control options include auto-switching, front panel selector, and compatibility with RS-232 or TCP/IP-based control systems. Audio features include de-embedding of PCM audio over HDMI to either

    S/PDIF or two-channel analog audio outputs; pass-through of Dolby TrueHD® and DTS-HD Master Audio™; plus an Audio Return Channel feed to the S/PDIF output from the HDMI display. The compact, 1U, half-rack width enclosure is easily installed in rack mounted systems with the optional 19" rack-mount brackets. Two units can be mounted side-by-side.

    The AT-UHD-SW 51 adds 4K/UHD performance to Atlona’s HDMI small switcher family to meet the needs of displays and sources with resolutions beyond 1080p. In addition, the switcher offers advanced audio features. Auto-switch, the additional TCP/IP control flexibility, and overall control system neutrality give integrators a significant time savings during installation.

    AT-UHD-SW-51 Brochure Link


    4K/UHD 5 Input HDMI Switcher with Mirrored HDMI Outputs


    The Atlona AT-UHD-SW-52 is a 5x1 HDMI switcher with dual HDMI outputs, balanced audio outputs, auto-switching and advanced control capability. The switcher supports 4K/UHD @ 60 Hz, 4:2:0; offers 3D pass-through, and 10.2 Gbps bandwidth. With front panel buttons and IR control, it can be a standalone switcher. Designed as a cost-effective, easy to install solution, the switcher offers a web-based GUI for easy set-up and management of EDID and HDCP. Additional control options include auto-switching, front panel selector, and compatibility with RS-232, or TCP/IP-based control systems. Audio features include de-embedding of PCM audio over HDMI to either S/PDIF or two-channel analog audio outputs; pass-through of Dolby TrueHD® and DTS-HD Master Audio™; plus an Audio Return Channel feed to the S/PDIF output from the HDMI display. The compact, 1U, half-rack width enclosure is easily installed in rack mounted systems with the included 19" rack-mount brackets. Two units can be mounted side-by-side.

    The AT-UHD-SW 52 adds 4K/UHD performance and installation flexibility to Atlona’s HDMI small switcher family to meet the needs of professional integration applications. Dual HDMI outputs, balanced audio output, EQ, and volume control add to the AT-UHD-SW-52’s long list of features. Incorporating internal video distribution eliminates the need for an external DA to reduce system complexity to save integrators time and money.

    AT-UHD-SW-52 Brochure Link


    D-ILA Technology Projectors from JVC Professional

    Reference Series D-ILA Projectors by JVC Professional

    JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology - D-ILA.


    JVC Reference Series projectors are designed for custom integration and are carried by an exclusive network of custom audio/video installers who can design and build a home theater tailored to each customer's unique needs


    JVC Professional Literature

    Boston Bravo 20 On-Wall Speakers

    Boston Bravo 20 On-Wall Speakers

    The Bravo 20’s quarter-cylinder, wedge shaped housing contains a 41⁄2-inch woofer and a 1-inch VRR aluminum dome tweeter with AMD™. An adaptable mounting bracket allows it be placed in a wide variety of locations for optimum sound quality and three-dimensional imaging.

    When a pair is placed vertically in the corners of a room, the Bravo 20 creates a surprisingly wide sonic window, providing true stereo sound reproduction over a broad area.

    A unique air channel leading to the exterior vent contributes to the speaker’s thin profile while allowing it to breathe openly and provide deep bass response. To match any decor, the Bravo 20 is available in black and white.

    Key Features
    Unique wedge-shape design allows for placement in corners, ceilings, and other tight locations
    Accurate sound dispersion in both vertical and horizontal positions
    Aluminum dome tweeter with AMD™ delivers smooth, natural highs
    Vented enclosure extends low frequencies
    Versatile mounting brackets and hardware included
    Available in black and white
    with matching metal grille

    Versatile Mounting Options
    CORNER – Corner placement is discreet yet ideal for theater, stereo, or whole-house applications. Its unique bracket and 90° corner inserts create a tight, flush fit

    WALL Mounting Bravo 20 flush to a wall is equally simple when the corner inserts are removed from the bracket.

    CEILING – Horizontal placement in the wall/ceiling corner offers exceptional, wide-area dispersion, and the ultimate in out-of-the-way placement – perfect for commercial applications too.

    FLOOR – For a completely hidden system, or a unique surround effect, Bravo 20 can also be positioned in the corner of a floor and wall.

    Boston Bravo 20 Brochure Link

    4K/UHD HDMI Over HDBaseT TX/RX Kit


    4K/UHD HDMI Over HDBaseT TX/RX Kit

    The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-70-2PS is an HDBaseT™ transmitter/receiver kit for HDMI transmission up to 230 feet (70 meters) over category cable using locally-powered endpoints. The kit provides an economical means of transmitting video signals up to 4K/UHD @ 60Hz with embedded multi-channel audio. The kit is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports EDID communication. Both transmitter and receiver feature quarter rack width metal enclosures for easy rack mounting with rear panel I/O ports for uncluttered wire management.

    This product was designed with the latest extender technology including long distance HDBaseT signal transmission, 4K/UHD capability, configuration-free set-up, and field-updateable firmware while maintaining an affordable price point. The AT-UHD EX-70-2PS offers these capabilities and more with the latest content protection for guaranteed pass-through of encrypted high definition content.

    The AT-UHD-EX-70-2PS is ideal for use in residential or commercial point to point applications that require HDBaseT signal transmission over greater distances than HDMI can support. The kit can be used with the H2H matrix switcher series or HDDA distribution amplifier series for economical, long distance AV signal extension without PoE capability or control signal extension requirements.

    AT-UHD-EX-70-2PS Brochure Link

    Clear HDMI Series 2

    Eliminate Unnecessary Service Calls
    There’s nothing worse than having to drive across town in traffic, only to find your client’s cable was unplugged. We understand, we live in Los Angeles. At only 3lbs of pull force, it doesn’t take much for regular HDMI cables to pull out of their connection and lose signal. With GRIP, it’s problem solved.

    HDMI. Done Right. GRIP Lock Technology. Inspiring, yet completely simple.

    With GRIP Lock technology, ultra-compact head design and 100ft performance, we’ve crafted the ultimate HDMI Cable. Our Clear Series 2 ranges from .5m to 30m and features 12 pounds of connector pull force, ensuring your connection stays secure and protected. This means: reliable installations, fewer service calls, the elimination of baluns and state-of-the-art performance.

    GRIP Lock Technology
    Special springs on the HDMI plug provide a secure grip to the female connector. The result? Over 3x the strength found in conventional HDMI connectors, giving you the most stable connection possible. No screw hole. No push release.

    Compact Head Design
    At only 21mm long, our Series 2 cable is now 40% shorter than our previous model. We also reduced the width and made it thinner, giving you easier access in tight spaces.

    1080p/60hz up to 100 Feet
    Until now, our HDMI cables have been able to achieve 1080p/60Hz up to 50 feet. Active chipsets and advances in cable technology have allowed us to achieve 1080p/60Hz all the way out to 100 feet. This gives you a direct connection between your source and display, eliminating unnecessary connection points versus a standard balun setup.

    The Perfect Tension
    At 12lbs of pull force, the connector won’t come out with normal use. But if your TV falls off the wall, it will pull free, leaving your equipment undamaged. Other locking HDMI cables have way too much pull force, or even a screw, which can result in damage to your TV.


    Flat Screen Automated TV Lift System


    Inca Flat Screen TV Lifts

    The INCA line of flat screen Lifts, P/N 900814 and all models thereof, are specifically designed to move flat screen TVs from concealments to any desired viewing position. Inserts are included to mount a manual or automatic swivel system on the lift platform.

    Product Specifications
    • Rack and pinion construction
    • External, positive-stop, adjustable limit switches
    • VESA compliant mounting system available
    • Aluminum side panels and steel spur gears
    • Unit can lift up to 450 lbs.
    • Available in stainless steel upon request
    • Available in automatic or manual swivel (optional)
    • Touch-stop safety controller available upon request

    Control Options
    • Rocker Switch
    • RF Radio Remote
    • TV Power On Sensor
    • Dry contact closure for Touch Screen use

    Inca TV Lift Brochure Link

    SPK811 Audio Wall/Ceiling Mounts


    Peerless SPK811 Audio Wall/Ceiling Mount

    The universal wall and ceiling mount provides the ultimate flexibility in mounting to achieve premium sound quality. Speakers up to 20lb can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. the ball and socket design allows for multi-directional positioning.

    Product Specifications
    • Ball and socket design for multi-directional positioning
    • 75° range of adjustment in all directions
    • Speaker wires can be hidden for an aesthetically appealing installation
    • Concealed mounting screws
    • Can be assembled as a flush mount or used with a 3" extension
    • Hardware for wood studs, metal studs, concrete and drywall
    • Fastener pack contains hardware for mounting most commercially available speakers

    Peerless SPK811 Brochure Link

    Ziptape Label Dispensers & Booklets

    Ziptape Catalogue Link

    Ziptape Cable Identification System


    The Ziptape Rite & Wrap IIR dispensers are a pocket-sized disposable dispenser containing a roll of pre-cut self-laminating wire markers. Each marker has a white area available for legend inscription using a pen or pencil. After marking, simply pull back on the marker liner and the marker is dispensed. On application, the transparent portion of the clear vinyl marker wraps around itself to protect the white write-on area. The adhesive is an aggressive acrylic that is resistant to oil and water, with a service temperature range of –40oF to +250oF.


    Ziptape Mitymark Wire Marker Booklets offer a convenient pocket-sized package of tape wire markers. Each booklet contains 10 pages of pre-cut markers 1-1/4" long, totaling 450 wire markers with 450 matching terminal markers sized 3/16" x 3/16".

    Several different booklets are available containing a combination of industry recognized numbers, letters, NEMA colors and legends. Each booklet is available in either the standard vinyl cloth material or tear resistant Tyvek material.

    Paramount LCD Ceiling Mount

    For 15" - 37" LCD Flat Panel Screens

    Peerless Paramount Flat Panel LCD Ceiling Mount

    No wall space? No problem. This VESA® compliant LCD ceiling mount gets the TV up easily and offers an incredible range of viewing options. Installation is made simple with its one-, two-, three- design. Simply attach the ceiling plate, attach the adapter to the screen and hook-on the TV – Done.

    This LCD TV mount delivers the ultimate in positioning options with its tilt and infinite swivel options for that ultimate flat panel viewing experience.

    Product Specifications
    • Fits all 15” to 37” VESA® 75/100, 200 x 100 and 200 x 200 mm compliant LCD flat panel screens
    • Simple hook-on design allows screen to rest in place while tightening screws
    • Three adjustable extension lengths: • PC932A models: 9.8" - 13.9", PC932B models: 13.78" - 21.89", PC932C models: 20.24" - 34.02"
    • Adjustable tilt of +15/-5° with optional lock in 5° increments
    • Mountable adjustment for screen placement opportunities
    • Internal cable management allows cables to be routed through extension column
    • Includes hardware for installation to a wood joist or concrete

    Peerless PC932 Brochure Link

    The "All NEW" V Series Compact Subwoofers!



    V also stands for Vindication, definitive proof of the right-ness of M&K Sound’s innovative ideas and vision as pioneers in the field of subwoofers.

    In the case of the M&K Sound V Series trio of ultra-compact subwoofers, it also stands for Validation of concept and execution. Following the extended research and development process that led to the groundbreaking M&K Sound X Series subwoofers, the all-new V Series draws heavily on knowledge and technology derived directly from that range of market leading, self-powered subwoofers.

    Too often, music and movie lovers feel forced to choose between larger speakers that detract from the beauty and style of the living room and more compact models that seriously compromise the home entertainment experience.

    After Introducing the satellite/subwoofer configuration more than 40 years ago, M&K Sound allows film and music enthusiasts to have it both ways, combining attractive, compact high performance main speakers with handsome, compact subwoofers for decorator-friendly room integration.

    The M&K Sound V Series offers exceptional flexibility of choice to suit any budget and room size: V8 with an 8” woofer and 150 Watts of built-in amplifier power, V10 with a 10” woofer and 250 Watts and V12 with a 12” woofer and 300 Watts. The clean lines and smooth, rounded edges of V Series subwoofers are available in elegant Black Satin or White Satin with matching grille cloth and will be a discrete, stylish addition to any living space.

    V Series Brochure




    Buffalo’s BS-GU series of multi-port gigabit switches and BS-GUP series of multi-port gigabit PoE switches offer an easy and cost-effective way to extend your business network at gigabit speeds and the convenience of Power over Ethernet (BS-GUP series). Plug and play installation requires no additional software or configuration. Each auto-sensing gigabit port automatically detects and configures the correct connection while full duplex operation and optional jumbo frame support provide maximum performance.

    Buffalo’s multi-port gigabit switches include power saving features like 802.3az Green Ethernet technology and an energy conservation feature that monitors the activity status of each port to reduce the total power consumed, therefore reducing related operational costs. Gigabit speeds, eco-minded features and a lifetime warranty make Buffalo’s BS-GU and BS-GUP series of multi-port gigabit switches a perfection network extension solution for your office.

    • Lifetime warranty*
    • 5/8/16/24 gigabit Ethernet ports
    • 802.3az Green Ethernet technology
    • Automatic energy conservation feature reduces total power consumption
    • Loop prevention or detection (depending on model)
    • Auto-MDIX provides fast plug and play setup with any Ethernet cable
    • Durable metal chassis
    • Internal power supply BS-GU2008P uses external power supply
    • Fanless, compact design offers silent and reliable operation

    *Requires product registration within 30 days of purchase

    Smart Switch Brochure





    The Marantz AV8802 11.2 channel A/V pre-amp/processor is packed with the latest audio and video technologies, all designed to provide you with the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience. Most remarkably, the AV8802 features breathtaking 3D-sound options, including Dolby Atmos® and Auro- 3D® (paid upgrade required), giving you the ability to add additional speakers for a truly expansive and immersive surround sound experience.

    The AV8802 further enhances audio quality by delicately handling all signals via the Marantz HDAMs in Current Feedback topology before being passed to the XLR outputs and separate power amp. The video section features advanced high resolution video processing and decoding, and is equipped with video upscaling that upconverts standard definition (SD) video sources from legacy components to high definition 4K/60Hz full-rate video. The video images at this resolution are dazzlingly vibrant and sharp. What’s more, the AV8802 includes full networking capabilities for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to open up a whole new world of listening enjoyment. At the same time, Vinyl fans will surely appreciate the inclusion of a phono input, and there is no need for a separate tuner, as the AV8802 features a built-in HD Radio, AM sounds like FM, and FM sounds like CD.

    AV8802 Brochure Link

    Ultra Low Profile In-Wall TV Mount

    Looking for a low profile without compromising on functionality? Look no further than the OE120IW recessed in-wall TV mount. Easily mount your TV between two studs for a nearly flush finish and get all the benefits of full motion movement. This pre-assembled box and mount duo make an otherwise intimidating install easy

    Product Benefits

    • Complete in wall box system with pre-installed wall mount
    • Makes in-wall wiring feasible without an electrician
    • Recessed in-wall mount gives a low profile finish with the flexibility of full motion
    • Small and compact
    • Ample cable management included
    • Mount system takes the guesswork out of matching an in-wall box with compatible wall mount
    • Works with OmniMount power accessory kit or off the shelf electrical components
    • Post-installation leveling accounts for uneven walls or floors
    • Full motion with left and right pan (great for rooms with multiple viewing areas)
    • Extremely low profile design
    • Extruded aluminum arms for superior finish
    • Elegant arm design looks beautiful when TV is pulled away from the wall
    • Materials and finishing give it an expensive, high end look
    • UL 2442 rated and tested to 6000 cycles
    • Special channel routes cables from TV to wall, concealing wires
    • Equipped with patented gravity tilt, providing perfect tension no matter where you place your TV
    • TV tilts forward to reduce screen glare (great for rooms with windows

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