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Flexible Non-Metallic Raceway


Resi-Gard® is Ideal for providing a main chase from the main distribution panel to a secondary hub in the attic or basement, Resi-Gard non-metallic flexible raceway is available in 3/4" to 2" diameter sizes with factory installed pull tape in sizes 1" to 2". The raceway is hand bendable, lightweight and easily installed. Bright orange color clearly signifies a low voltage installation.

Riser-Gard® is a non-metallic flexible raceway for use in Riser and General Purpose applications. Riser-Gard is UL Listed and is available with tape pre-installed. Riser-Gard is listed to UL 2024 Standard for Riser Applications or Fiber Communications raceways.

Plenum-Gard® is a non-metallic corrugated flexible conduit for use in Plenum, Riser and General Purpose applications. Plenum-Gard is manufactured from PVDF resin, which is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage before/after cable installation.


Ultra Low Profile In-Wall TV Mount

Coming Soon! OmniElite Series: Looking for a low profile without compromising on functionality? Look no further than the OE120IW recessed in-wall TV mount. Easily mount your TV between two studs for a nearly flush finish and get all the benefits of full motion movement. This pre-assembled box and mount duo make an otherwise intimidating install easy

Product Benefits

  • Complete in wall box system with pre-installed wall mount
  • Makes in-wall wiring feasible without an electrician
  • Recessed in-wall mount gives a low profile finish with the flexibility of full motion
  • Small and compact
  • Ample cable management included
  • Mount system takes the guesswork out of matching an in-wall box with compatible wall mount
  • Works with OmniMount power accessory kit or off the shelf electrical components
  • Post-installation leveling accounts for uneven walls or floors
  • Full motion with left and right pan (great for rooms with multiple viewing areas)
  • Extremely low profile design
  • Extruded aluminum arms for superior finish
  • Elegant arm design looks beautiful when TV is pulled away from the wall
  • Materials and finishing give it an expensive, high end look
  • UL 2442 rated and tested to 6000 cycles
  • Special channel routes cables from TV to wall, concealing wires
  • Equipped with patented gravity tilt, providing perfect tension no matter where you place your TV
  • TV tilts forward to reduce screen glare (great for rooms with windows


Coming Soon! OmniPro Series: With an impressively low 3.4” (8.5 cm) mounting profile, the CI250FM is an extra-large full motion mount perfectly suited for custom installations where seamless integration counts most.

Product Benefits

  • Arms completely nest for a discreet 3.4" (8,5 cm)* mounting profile
  • Tilt, pan and swivel for maximum viewing flexibility
  • Steel tube double-arm construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Includes universal adapter for greater VESA compatibility
  • Rack and pinion tilt mechanism for effortless adjustment
  • Integrated cable management with quick-snap covers guide wires
  • Built-in screen leveling
  • Lift n’ Lock™ for quick installation
  • Sliding on-wall adjustment (6" lateral; 2" vertical)
  • Wide wall plate design for 16", 24" or 600mm studs
  • Safety screw secures TV to mount
  • Wall plate covers conceal mounting hardware
  • Includes installation template for simple and accurate mounting
  • Includes complete hardware kit

CI250FM Brochure

30U Equipment Rack


Peerless AVL 30U Equipment Rack

The Peerless AV Component Rack System is specifically designed to house and protect AV components wherever they are needed with a professional look and solid construction. The rack’s steel shelves hold a wide range of components, and are designed to provide easy access to the top, front and sides. The shelving system incorporates vented panels that allow for airflow to keep the components as cool as possible. Integrated cable management rings provide an organized look for a clean, professional installation. The Peerless AV Component Rack is fully assembled, ready to use, and features removable handles and rubber casters that make moving the rack and installation a breeze.

  • Designed for managing components and providing an organized professional look to any AV installation

  • Fully assembled reduces installation time

  • Sturdy shelves accommodate most components

  • Rubber casters provide easy placement inside closets or against walls

  • Integrated cable management clips assist with routing multiple bundles of cables

  • Open air vented panels, top and sides keep components cool

  • Removable handles provide ease of movement

  • Included four 2U shelves, one 5U shelf

TV Mirrors, Outdoor & Waterproof TV's 

Grand Series

Incorporating the latest technology into your home doesn’t mean compromising your décor. The Grand Series vanishing mirror displays provide a crisp television image and, when turned off, a fashionable mirror remains without a hint of its technological applications. You decide when a television is in the room with the simple push of a remote control button. No more unsightly and obtrusive monitors!

An elegant centerpiece that improves your décor...The LG LED Mirror TV is the cutting edge of hidden television technology. The TVs we create have flawless 1080P quality and incredible brightness. Installation is just as easy as a regular TV, you can simply hang it on your wall and you're done! You can pick from an abundance of frame options to blend in with the rest of your room.

Bathroom Series

Beauty and technology reflected in your bathroom mirror.

Add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom in a matter of only minutes. An ultra thin TV is built directly into the custom sized TV mirror, so you'd never guess there's a TV hidden behind it until it's turned on and the television magically appears. We are able to work provide you with nearly any size, from small mirrors to entire walls. Many sizes are in stock and can ship today! Our Bathroom Series  mirror TV couldn't be easier to install, all you have to do it hang it on your wall!

Indoor/Outdoor Series

Easily add a TV to your outdoor space with our Indoor/Outdoor Series TV's. Featuring a screen completely sealed against moisture
and humidity. Perfect for outdoor gatherings and play!

Waterproof Shower Series

In this fast paced world of multi-tasking, we are prepared to deliver a product that will start your day off happily and efficiently—the waterproof shower TV! Watch the morning news while taking your shower to save time and stay in the know. Never again miss a second of that nail-biter of a football game due to needing a shower. You can even sing along to your favorite songs while scrubbing




Written by Robert Ebeling - Secrets of Home Theater

Conclusions about the M&K Sound X12 Subwoofer...In talking with other home theater owners, I found relatively little time was spent selecting the subwoofer as compared to the other components. While it is not uncommon for a listener to read about and audition speakers for months while deciding on what best fits their listening style, it is uncommon to spend nearly as much effort in selecting a subwoofer. In most cases, the sub simply came with the other speakers as a package or was what the dealer recommended but was not truly auditioned. That is a shame really; as I count these subs among the best, if not the best, I have ever heard.

True to their goal of accurate, dynamic sound reproduction, the folks at M&K Sound have hit a home run with the X12 subwoofer. These subs have excellent frequency response that dives well below the 20 Hz THX standard, down into the depths of the inaudible range and still have impressively little distortion. As impressive as that is on it's own, these subs have a musicality to them with an accurate, fast response that breathes life into background sounds such as the low roar of a crowd in a stadium, and makes soundtracks and music more dynamic and involving. These subs are at once incredibly fast and accurate as well as able to produce a pulse capable of restarting your heart. The difference between my home theater subwoofer and the M&K Sound X12 was not subtle. These subs took my theater room from "Wow! That's better than the movies!" to silent, awestruck faces in the listening room. I have never heard a sub that transformed the experience from simply watching a movie, to believing the movie. I give the M&K Sound X12 subwoofers my highest recommendation, and plan on purchasing one of the review units. Now if only I could convince my wife I need two of them. - See more at:




Introducing the DENON AVR-X7200W

Welcome the new leader of the 2014-2015 Denon® AVR range. Featuring ultimate build quality with a left/right-separated monolithic amplifier design and custom made DHCT (Denon High Current Transistors), the AVR-X7200W guarantees best-in-class sound quality with minimum interferences. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®, it is perfectly set for all network services including Spotify Connect®, AirPlay®, Network Music Streaming and Internet Radio. Via its 8 HDMI inputs (including one on the front panel) it handles 4k 60Hz pass through playfully, and even upscales video to 1080p and 4k 60Hz.

Now add brand new Dolby Atmos, triple HDMI outputs with multisource/multizone functionality and integrated Audyssey MultEQ XT32/Sub EQ HT/ LFC to guarantee the ideal calibration of your setup. The unique Denon Link HD function, guaranteeing the ultimate in entertainment pleasure, works in combination with AL32 Processing Multichannel and DDSC-HD32 for higher resolution audio playback.

All sums up to the most comprehensive AVR experience we are pleased to offer.

AVR-X7200W Brochure

"AT6002 Wins Best of 2014 Award"


Home Theater just named AT6002 Morris Kessler Signature Amplifier a recipient of their "Best of 2014" Award.

Dollar-per-watt, you might not be able to find a better amplifier than the ATI 6002 stereo amp. It may be bare bones in its aesthetic design, but this fully balanced 300-watt Class AB amp is, according to Jerry Del Colliano, one of the most powerful, resolute, quiet, and musical amps that you can lay your ears on. You'll have to spend a lot more to find better.

ATI AT6002 Multi-channel Power Amplifier Highlights
by Chris Heinonen and Dr. David Rich
October, 2014

Innovative amp that offers incredibly high performance... High-end build quality.…feels and sounds like a statement product... Incredible beast.

The AT6002 has the largest dynamic range of any amplifier I have ever heard. I could place my ear next to the tweeter of the Revel f208 and hear nothing when the system was idle. Not even a slight hiss. No amplifier has been this quiet in my system.

Compared to my reference amplifier, the ATI AT6002 removed a layer of granularity. I could not make the amplifier lose its cool.

The 128.7dB SNR at 300 Watts has a bit equivalent of 21 bits, which is better than any DAC now on the market.

The ATI AT6002 …is a giant in the world of power amplifiers… (need) never be replaced.


Discover the Possibilities TM

Compass Control® represents the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®as its backbone.

Compass Navigator Test Drive Video

With the power of iOS and the Compass Control® App for the iPad®, iPad mini®,iPhone®, and iPod® touch, control for your dream system has become a reality thanks to simple swipe gestures and the simplicity of Compass Control’s beautiful graphic interface. Using Key Digital’s Compass Navigator™ software, programming a Compass Control® device is an intuitive step by step process utilizing simple ‘drag and drop’ gestures.

Compass Control Residential
Compass Control Commercial

Coming Soon!

Do more than protect your iPad® with this magnetic case and wall mount duo. Easily hang your iPad® in any space using multiple wall mounts for even more versatility. The tactile case is perfect for handheld activities and the magnetic feature makes moving an iPad® from one mount to the next a snap.



Mountable Case for iPad®

Product Specifications:
iPad® 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations
VESA compliant: 100x100
Portrait to Landscape rotation: Yes
Mounting: Single-stud or drywall
Warranty: 5 years
Color: Matte black with chrome accent

Product Benefits

  • Case and Mount duo offers versatility and protection for your device
  • Mount or move your iPad® in seconds
  • Case: Works with Apple® Smart Cover®
  • Cutouts allow access to camera and controls
  • Slim design and tactile surface
  • Magnetic ring offers easy on, easy off connection to wall mount
  • Wall Mount: Fix to the wall to store or display an iPad®
  • Attach to a full motion wall mount for even greater flexibility
  • Great for use in a kitchen, bedroom or office
  • Easily move your iPad® from one place to the next with additional wall mount accessories
  • Additional wall mounts sold separately


Mountable Case for iPAD Brochure

Dolby ATMOS Enabled Systems and Products




Fill the room with captivating sound.

When it comes to sound quality, one of the main differences between watching the game on TV and actually being there in the stadium when the crowd explodes with noise is the direction of the audio. With a standard audio setup the sound source is limited – it either comes from the TV or on a flat plane around you (in front, behind, and on either side with a typical surround sound system). Inside the stadium, though, the ear-splitting, thunderous roar of the crowd is everywhere, and you’re right in the middle of it.

This is the experience you’ll get with a Dolby Atmos-equipped sound system. This cutting-edge technology creates a complete sonic atmosphere of multi-dimensional sound, so the audio feels like it’s coming from every part of the room. With this type of completely immersive sound you’ll be able to pick up everything, from the thunder-crack of an explosion to a quiet whisper coming from the corner.

For a sound system to meet the Dolby Atmos standard it must include multiple speakers that not only sit around you but also perch above your head. These speakers should be able to reproduce the height plane of sound above you and can include dedicated overhead speakers or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. This unique setup allows the state-of-the-art technology to move audio through every dimension. Whether you’re listening to an arrow whistling by overhead or feeling the rumble of a mighty river tumbling into a valley far below, your Dolby Atmos-equipped audio system will put you right in the middle of your entertainment.


Sound that really moves you.

Once you’ve installed a Dolby Atmos-compatible system you’ll enjoy clear, detailed, and exquisitely-nuanced audio with a broad range of sound that captures every subtlety and dimension. The audio will fill the entire room with incredible clarity, precise detail, and awe-inspiring power.

What really makes Dolby Atmos incredible, though, is how it makes you feel. The audio is so real, so all-encompassing, it helps create the illusion that you’re actually there. Dolby Atmos is designed to leverage the psychology and physics of sound to create a more gripping, emotional experience than any other audio system.

A movie that’s already exciting and dramatic becomes a lot more so when the soundscape flows around you and creates a profoundly moving experience. You’ll practically feel the rain soaking your clothes as it drenches the jungle all around you, and when the hidden warriors rise from cover to attack the fortress you’ll feel their war cries deep within your bones.

In real life, sound comes from all around. But conventional surround systems only allocate it horizontally – left, right, ahead and behind. What makes Dolby Atmos so staggeringly realistic is that the movement of every sound in the scene is reproduced in all three dimensions, including vertically. This creates a true 3D acoustic image of precisely located individual sounds that move in relation to you as if you were actually there. The effect is uncanny. Exhilarating. Sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious; always engrossing.

R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers

Designed to sit above freestanding or wall-mounted home theatre satellite speakers, the new KEF R50 adds the all-important vertical sound dimension that allows you to enjoy at home the staggeringly realistic 3D sound image that Dolby Atmos creates in cinemas. Built around KEF’s latest and most sophisticated ‘sit anywhere’ Uni-Q driver array, with a 25mm (1-in.) vented aluminium tweeter at the centre of a potent 130mm (5.25-in.) bass/mid driver, it beams the sound upwards to envelope you in a breathtakingly precise multidimensional soundscape where each sound source moves as it does in real life.

The Denon AVR-X5200W and AVR-X4100W with Dolby Atmos® transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with captivating, multi-dimensional sound that fills your room with amazing richness and depth. Music, people and things come alive in breathtaking detail and flow in precise choreography all around you, making you feel like you are truly there. Welcome to a new world of sound that delivers the full impact of entertainment—it will move your mind, body, and soul like no other.


The new Marantz SR7009 receiver and the Marantz AV7702 pre-processor (preamp) will be the first Marantz products to feature Dolby Atmos. The SR7009 AV receiver is now available and the AV7702 will be available in October. Both Marantz Dolby Atmos receivers will deliver the multi-dimensional sound promised by the new Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos is designed to produce sound from all directions—even overhead. It also, unlike conventional surround formats, has the capability to produce point-source surround effects from any location within the room. This type of expandable DSP surround configuration is literally changing the way rerecording mixers are creating film soundtracks.

These new Marantz Dolby Atmos receivers have a whole new way of calibrating and reproducing Atmos-compatible soundtracks. For one, they have the processing power to run a 9 channel Dolby Atmos layout with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration. This can be run in either a 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 configuration. Dolby Atmos configuration will utilize either ceiling mounted or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. A 5.1.4 speaker configuration adds 4 overhead speakers to a traditional 5.1 speaker layout. Alternatively, a Dolby Atmos-enabled 7.1.2 speaker system is based on a 7.1 speaker layout, but with 2 overhead (or Dolby Atmos-enabled) speakers.

SmartMountXT by Peerless-AV

The SmartMountXT™ series from Peerless-AV™ offers a range of versatile and easy to install mounting solutions, packed with clever features designed to enhance and simplify any professional AV installation.

The result of listening to our customers’ needs for a complete AV wall mounting solution, the SmartMountXT line gets you closer to the wall, saves installation time and adds value to the end-user experience. This stunning line of mounts plus accessories delivers first-class features such as One-Touch™ tilt, post-installation adjustments, enhanced security options, as well as compatibility with a complete line of accessories that make setting up the perfect AV system an effortless task.


Introducing HEOS by Denon

The Evolution of Multi-Room Sound

HEOS by Denon...The Evolution of Multi-Room Sound

Launch the app, Choose the room, Pick the songs, Share the Enjoyment with Denon audio quality- beautifully designed, easy-to-use speakers— users connect with an existing home Wi-Fi network to hear what they want, wherever they want

HEOS by Denon is a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System comprising a family of great-sounding music players for your whole home. There is a free app to control them from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. You can enjoy your favorite streaming music services, internet radio or your own music collection and set-up is a breeze.

HEOS is a true multi-room system. You can play the same song in every room or any combination of rooms you choose, including a different song in every room. These are distinct advantages over other wireless systems such as Airplay and Bluetooth. HEOS uses standard home wireless technology so you can use your existing router without the need for any new equipment such as a bridging device. The wireless range and sound quality is far superior to Bluetooth and any device on your network running the free HEOS app can control every speaker. Only HEOS comes with 100 years of audio expertise from Denon

HEOS by Denon Multi-Room Wireless Sound System will follow up the initial product launch introduction with pre-amp/amp expansion products. The pre-amp and amplifier products will allow for functionality of legacy audio products. The amps drive passive speaker systems and give you the ability to create additional zones of audio.


Miller & Kreisel® S300 SERIES


"How to improve an audio icon, like the S150"

During the past years, sound has reached new dimensions. New audio formats, high definition sound combined with the requirements from our critical professional users, have led us to the all-new state of the art S300 SERIES. The S300 SERIES is built to perfection and in order to insure our unique high quality level we have decided to have the whole range manufactured in Denmark.

The S300 SERIES is also the first ever M&K Sound product carrying our new reference logo Miller & Kreisel. With the S300 SERIES we’ll introduce the next dimension for the future home cinema and music systems.


Impedance:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Ohm

Frequency Response:. . . . . . 60 Hz – 25 kHz, ±3dB

Recommended Power: . . . . .25 - 500 Watts

Finish:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Black Satin

Dimensions (HxWxD): . . . .15.5 x 13.4 x 13.0" / 39.5 x 34.0 x 33.0 cm

Weight:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40.0 lb/18.2 kg

Designed and engineered by M&K Sound. Made in Denmark

S300 THX Ultra 2 Cut Sheet

CAST LED Impressionist Series

Extreme Home Theater THX Speakers and In-Wall Subwoofers

KEF Reference Series Ci Speakers

For the ultimate in Extreme Home Theatre, the formidable new Ci Reference Series has the jawdropping acoustic capabilities of the classic KEF floorstander it’s named after, with all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality.

The Ci Reference Series consists of an in-ceiling speaker that can be combined with one of two in-wall models, and a sensational new powered subwoofer. As you might expect, its towering performance sets a new standard for custom installed speakers.

With a 38mm(1.5inch) tweeter voice coil coupled to a vented aluminium dome with tangerine waveguide, and a woofer with absolutely massive magnet and Z-flex surround, the KEF Ci200RR-THX is an inceiling LCR capable of delivering a magical musical theatre experience even in the largest of rooms.

Ci200RR-THX is an in-ceiling speaker certified to THX ULTRA2 standard. A deep understanding of the filmmaking process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers, THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in your living room. The results? Action sequences are impactful, and dialogue-driven moments are natural and engaging.

THX certified in-ceiling speakers deliver the appropriate frequency response and high output and imaging quality of a traditional box speaker. This provides the best of both worlds—THX surround sound performance from components that blend harmoniously with any room decor.

For the ultimate in custom installed Extreme Home Theatre, the formidable new Ci Reference Series has the jaw-dropping acoustic capabilities of the classic KEF floorstander it’s named after, with all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality.

The Ci Reference Series consists of an in-ceiling speaker that can be combined with one of two in-wall models, and a sensational new powered subwoofer. As you might expect, its towering performance sets a new standard for custom installed speakers.

The Ci5160RL-THX is crafted with a massive aluminium baffle to eliminate vibration and is the perfect platform for the 160mm aluminium cone Uni-Q with tangerine waveguide, and four 160mm woofers. Capable of bi-wire and bi-amplifier connections the Ci5160RL-THX delivers on the performance promise of all KEF Reference speakers.

Ci5160RL-THX is an in-wall speaker certified to THX ULTRA2 standards. A deep understanding of the filmmaking process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers, THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in your living room. The results? Action sequences are impactful, and dialogue-driven moments are natural and engaging. THX certified in-wall speakers deliver the appropriate frequency response and high output and imaging quality of a traditional box speaker. This provides the best of both worlds—THX surround sound performance from components that blend harmoniously with any room decor.

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