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We have recently reviewed our inventory and have created a flyer of product that we have priced to clear.

Items could be Overstock, Discontinued, Demo product, Slow Moving or could be an item that we no longer distribute. All items are in good order and carry the original manufacturers warranty.

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New From PCS

On-Q provides innovative, practical home technology and structured wiring products, systems, and solutions designed for the 21st century home.

On-Q products include a complete line of innovative home networking, intercom, camera, audio, and lighting control systems designed to seamlessly integrate into any living space or decor. These products can be enjoyed individually, or linked throughout the home with Intuity — the latest On-Q home automation solution for smart and intuitive whole-house control

New From PCS

Trust the industry's largest provider of end-to-end wire & cable management and pathway innovations to get from point A to point B.

With the help of advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing, Wiremold products work together seamlessly to save installation time, while providing enhanced flexibility and productivity in environments ranging from residential dwellings and educational institutions to meeting rooms and healthcare facilities.

Want to experience Dolby ATMOS?

Our Calgary, Alberta demo Theater has just been outfitted with Dolby ATMOS in a 7.1.4 Configuration. Just give us a call to set up a time for you and or your client to experience completely immersive sound!

PCS appointed Canadian Distributor for BackBoxx


BackBoxx™ products make you more efficient, more profitable with your
time, and more professional in appearance. 

Although many of our products are designed to help you meet local and national building codes, installers also use them for an insulation-free project, wire protection during construction and blocking of other trades from critical wiring areas. 

BackBoxx™ products are designed by custom installers who know that ease of installation means no hassles. Our products are simple to use and time-tested in thousands of applications each year.

Link to BackBoxx Price List





Serious Performance

Understated Elegance

When you first encounter the M Series, you’ll feel a sense of style. An attitude of elegance. It’s a design presence not usually associated with audiophile-grade loudspeakers. That’s because the M Series loudspeakers have been purposely designed with one mission in mind – to make them look as good as they sound.

Everything in their living space must have form, as well as function. That’s why we used four smaller woofers rather than two larger ones – to minimize cabinet width and emphasize slim grace.

We chose a classic black piano lacquer cabinet finish with luxurious leather-feel trim. On closer inspection, you’ll see details such as the beveled sides and rounded corners, creating an organic, cultured feel. You’ll also notice the slightly raised pedestal that makes the speaker seem to float effortlessly, just above the floor. You’ll see all of this with your eyes. The moment the M Series speakers play, you’ll experience a dramatic uplifting and totally sensational event. And you’ll experience this entity of details not just with your ears, but with your whole body and soul. Welcome to the world of M Series.

M Series Brochure Link






Engineered to the highest Marantz purist audiophile standards, the HD-AMP1 digital integrated amplifier serves as the heart of your music system, and features the latest digital audio technologies that extract the utmost fidelity from the widest range of audio sources. Equipped with multiple digital inputs, including 2 optical, 1 coaxial along with 2 USB ports, the HD-AMP1 features the ability to decode the latest generation lossless high resolution audio file types, including WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC at up to 24-bit/192-kHz resolution, along with the ability to play MP3, WMA and AAC tracks. The rear panel USB-B port features advanced noise isolation so you can connect your PC or Mac and stream even higher resolution files, up to 32-bit/384-kHz. The HD-AMP1 is equipped with the reference grade ESS SABRE DAC and dual master clock crystals for the widest bandwidth, highest dynamic range and lowest distortion, and the HD-AMP1 can also play your favorite DSD hi-res audio tracks including 2.6/5.2/11.2-MHz.

HD-AMP1 Brochure Link


Now in Stock!!

DLA-RS400 Brochure Link

DLA-RS500 Brochure Link

DLA-RS600 Brochure Link


New JVC D-ILA Projectors Significantly Increase Brightness & add 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 Compatibility

DALLAS, October 15, 2015 – JVC today announced a new line of custom installation projectors with models that are nearly 50 percent brighter than current JVC projectors. Two (2) FULL SPEED 18Gbps HDMI inputs with HDCP2.2 provide connection to the latest 4K UHD sources with support for up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, including HDR and 4:4:4 color sampling. Additionally they deliver highest in-class brightness and the industry’s highest native contrast ratio.

The projectors’ performance boost is driven by a new high-power lamp and upgrades to JVC’s unique e-shift4 technology, a combination that delivers high brightness and superior 4K precision images.

JVC’s 2016 projectors are the Reference Series DLA-RS600, DLA-RS500, and DLA-RS400.

  • Highest brightness in class delivered by a new high-power lamp
  • 18Gbps FULL SPEED HDMI Inputs with HDCP2.2
  • Industry-leading Contrast Ratio (Native contrast ratio of 150,000:1)
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility on all models
  • Evolutionary JVC proprietary e-shift4 technology
  • Motion Enhance – Newly developed blur reduction technology
  • Auto Calibration Function* to optimize the picture
  • Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol)

MP70 HD Network Ready Digital Signage Player


MP70 HD Network ready Signage Player

The MP70 is a simple, yet powerful, network digital signage appliance that provides the flexibility and reach needed for intricate digital signage systems, while keeping cost minimal. The MP70 is an essential component for digital signage systems needing network capability without having all the bells and whistles unnecessarily added onto appliances in this class.

MP70 Brochure Link

HDMI analog audio de-embedder. Use with Apple TV 4 or analog amplifier


Input: HDMI
Output: HDMI and analog stereo audio
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
Dimensions:61 x 55 x 20mm (2.4 x 2.2 x 0.8”)
Weight: 40 g (0.1 lbs.)
Stereo Output: Line level on a 3.5 mm stereo connector
Power: 5 VDC 100 mA
Color: White

HDMI analog Audio De-Embedder for Apple TV4

Perfect for the latest Apple TV! At last, there is an easy solution to hear content normally confined to the home theater or TV room, in other rooms and even throughout the whole home! The MR188 extracts a line level stereo signal from almost any HDMI signal without changing the HDMI signal “passing through” in any way. The extracted stereo signal is routed to a stereo or multiroom amplifier and speakers, giving top quality stereo sound in locations other than in the home theater.

The internal Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoder down mixes 5.1 channels of digital audio to analog stereo sound so almost all content can be heard, including movies and other content normally only heard on the TV or in the home theater. Newer lifestyle products such as Google ChromeCast have the ability to play stereo content such as Rhapsody®, Spotify® and other music, news and a host of other services. The ChromeCast output connector is HDMI so in order to hear this content in stereo it needs to be decoded.

  • The MR188 is normally powered by the HDMI source. In some cases the source is unable to provide adequate power so a USB to mini USB cord is provided which can be powered by nearly any USB power supply.
  • Converts HDMI digital audio to analog stereo audio.
  • For use when stereo output from HDMI sources such as ChromeCast, Apple TV, Blu-ray etc. is required for listening in home theater (in larger speakers than the TV), in nearby non home theater rooms and throughout the home.
  • HDMI signal (including audio, HDCP and EDID pass through) from input to output is not changed or altered in any way.
  • Dolby Digital and DTS decoder down mixes 5.1 Channels od audio to analog stereo so almost all content can be heard.

Small Subwoofers with Big Sound!

SUB6 and SUB8 Compact Subwoofers

Bass you can Feel.

sub6 is a sealed box, front-firing subwoofer offering 120W of powerful bass extension, perfect for music or home theater. A precise, low-pass filter makes sub8 a perfect match with any Kanto speaker, allowing you to dial in the perfect cut-off frequency. Its 6" paper cone driver enables true sub-bass reproduction with low-end that has real weight. Phase adjustment, power saving auto-off and full L/R line level input round out this high-performance package.
Dimensions 8.7" W x 8.7" D x 9.6" H

sub8 is a sealed box front-firing subwoofer offering 120W of powerful bass extension, perfect for music or home theater. A precise low-pass filter makes sub8 a perfect match with any Kanto speaker, allowing you to dial in the perfect cut-off frequency. Its 8" paper-cone driver enables true sub-bass reproduction with low-end that has real weight. Phase adjustment, power saving auto-off and full L/R line level input round out this high-performance package.
Dimensions 11” W x 11” D x 11.9” H

Kanto Audio Brochure Link


2015 Catalogue now available!

Fuzzy Cable Management Products

Rip-Tie® cable wraps and ties have become a standard in reusable cable management and organization. Rip-Tie® Inc is an authorized wholesale distributor of VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop materials.

Link to RIPTIE 2015 Catalogue


Digital Signage Solution for Games Rooms, Bars and Restaurants



Watch the Presentation Video

KD-MLV4X2 MultiView Matrix Switcher with Compass Control

Create an amazing Digital Signage Solution with the KD-MLV4X2 MultiView Matrix Switch and Compass Control.

HDMI Matrix Switching: 4 HDMI/Analog sources to 2 HDMI outputs, independent in full-screen and quadrant modes.

Seamless Switching:
Un-interrupted screen transitions during source selections in full-screen mode or multi-view modes.

Resolution Support:
Supports SD, HD, and VESA input resolutions up to 1080p / 1920x1200 on HDMI and analog video Inputs.

Analog to Digital Video Conversion:
Analog video input ports support VGA / DB15 or Component / YPbPr signal types.

Ultra HD/4K Up-scaling:
Outputs independently upscale to Ultra HD/4K in 4K Quadrant mode.

Multi-View Window Processing:
Create & store custom multi-view layouts, recall custom presets in 1080p (2K) Multi-View mode Quadrant Mode (4K or 2K): Independent outputs in four equally-sized windows Multi-View Mode (2K): Linked/mirrored outputs in customized screen layout.

Image Layering:
Stack images with customizable priority settings.

Window Transparency and Border:
View content through each other and choose window bezel width and coloring Web.

Control Interface:
Reduces installation time and provides basic and advanced video and audio setup.

Audio De-Embed:
Audio from the selected input is be de-embedded through the Coax digital (PCM) output in addition to the HDMI output.

Independent Video & Audio Matrixing:
Listen to any audio source while in quadrant or multi-view modes.

Full Buffer System™:
Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication to source & display, and EDID Control handshake.

Internal library with 5 default EDID configurations for input, in addition to native EDID data for any Output / Display.

TMDS re-clocking:
Support for long HDMI connectivity using Key Digital® HDMI cables.

Deep Color Support:
Up to 12 bits/color.

Fully licensed and compatible with HDMI up to 4KUHD/60Fps and HDCP 1.0 to HDCP 1.4 technologies. For HDCP 2.2 sources use KD-HDFIX22 in conjunction with this product.

Front panel buttons, Serial IR, Optical IR, RS-232,
TCP-IP and Web Control, including discrete power ON/OFF via IR, RS-232, and TCP-IP.

Control System Support:
Compass Control®, AMX®, Control4®, Crestron®, KNX®,RTI®, Savant, URC®, Honeywell®, HAI®, Leviton®, etc.

KD-MLV4X2 Brochure Link

Compass Control Brochure Link


4K/UHD Dual-Distance HDBaseT Matrix Switchers with PoE


Watch the Presentation Video

AT-UHD-PRO3-44M/66M/88M or 1616M
The Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-66M is a dual-distance 6×6 HDMI to HDBaseT™ matrix switcher for 4K/UHD @ 60Hz video signals with Power over Ethernet for receivers and analog audio breakout. The matrix provides flexible HDBaseT routing with both extended distance, 328 foot (100 meter) and long distance, 230 foot (70 meter) transmission over category cable with bidirectional extension of both RS- 232 and IR Control. Two HDMI outputs are provided as mirrored outputs designed for routing HDMI-based audio to an AVR or as additional matrix outputs. The matrix switcher is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports EDID communication. The matrix is control system-friendly and integrates with any TCP/IP, RS-232, or IR based control signals. Designed for multi-zone residential or commercial distribution applications, the AT-UHD-PRO3-66M features a 2U, rack-mountable enclosure with internal, international power supply.

AT-UHD-PRO3-44M Brochure Link

AT-UHD-PRO3-66M Brochure Link

AT-UHD-PRO3-88M Brochure Link

AT-UHD-PRO3-1616M Brochure Link


Resolve HDMI Integration issues!





Watch the Presentation Video

HDMI Extender, Booster & Buffer of EDID with built-in Audio De-Embedder of Digital Coaxial & Analog L/R, supports HDCP 2.2, TMDS, HPD, Ultra HD/4K
  • Extending: Capable of extending UHD/4K and 1080p resolution up to 75 ft. / 23 m. in and 75 ft. / 23 m. out (150 ft. / 46 m. total)

  • HDMI Correction: Resolves common HDMI integration obstacles such as HDCP, EDID, HPD, and audio breakout

  • Resolution Support: Supports all SD, HD, and VESA resolutions up to Ultra HD/4K, 3D and 1080p/60 (60Hz & 50Hz)

  • 4K/Ultra HD: Support for 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 24/25/30Hz at 4:4:4 or 60Hz at 4:2:0.

  • HDCP 2.2: Compliancy up to HDCP 2.2

  • 3D Ready: Capability to pass 3D stereoscopic signal formats

  • Full Buffer System™: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication to source & display, and EDID Control handshake

  • Audio De-Embedding: Audio from the HDMI input is de-embedded through the Coax digital (PCM) and/or Analog L/R audio output

  • Auto-EQ: Precise signal equalization applied to input and output signals automatically delivers best possible picture quality

  • EDID Control: 15 internal EDID tables or EDID copy room output/display

  • Forced HPD: Enables integrator to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected input device

  • Licensing: Fully licensed and compatible with all HDMI and HDCP technologies

  • I2C Communication: EDID and HDCP authentication to Display and Source

  • RS-232 Controllable: Control of unit and connectivity status

  • CEC Support: For inter-device control between main input and output HDMI channel

  • Deep Color Support: Up to 16 bits/color at 1080p/60

Kanto Living Furniture Solutions...NEW from PCS

TV Stand with Built-in Mount

OASIS Plus maintains the elegance of the standard model while providing improved functionality. With the addition of a tilt and swivel mount capable of holding up to an 80″ TV, OASIS Plus allows you to position your TV for optimal viewing. With three tempered black glass shelves capable of holding a combined weight of 260 pounds, OASIS Plus provides ample space to store your AV equipment. Simple assembly and handy cable management ensure a quick and professional looking home installation. Choose between 50" or 68" models and English Chestnut or Satin Black finishes to best suit your living space.

  • TV Size 37" - 80"
  • Max TV Mount Weight 130 lbs (57 kg)
  • Supports VESA 100×100 - 700×400
  • Max Weight 260 pounds over 3 shelves

Kanto Living Furniture Brochure Link

New 12U Wall Mount Rack Solution


RE12W Wall Mount Rack Solution from OmniMount

A wall mounted rack system lets you manage components for networking, automation, hi-fi and home theater, even when floor space is at a minimum. The rugged design is secure enough for commercial installations and compact enough for residential use. Customize the interior with standard shelf accessories specific to the project at hand.


  • 12U size is great for networking, automation, hi-fi and home theater use
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Open architecture for custom shelf configuration (shelves sold separately)
  • Standard 19" rack enclosure works with all standard 19" rack accessories
  • ANSI 10-32 thread works with standard hardware
  • Fully assembled frame saves valuable time on the jobsite
  • Lockable tempered-glass left- or right-hinged front door
  • Heavy-duty hinges support rack and gear to access wiring
  • Wall hinge opens to the left
  • Removable side panels for easy servicing
  • Rear cable knockouts
  • Vented top and bottom (fans not included)
  • Side panels are lockable (locks not included)


Supports: 120 lbs
Mounting: 15.75" on Center Width and 19.75" on Center Height
Product dimensions: 23.4" w x 21.9" d x 25.3" h
Product weight: 61.6 lbs
Warranty: 5 years
Colour: Black

NEW Audio Wall & Ceiling Mounts

Now In Stock!



Speaker Mount - Wall

Enhance your audio system: OmniMount’s Stainless Steel Series 15.0 Speaker Mount is a top-of-the-line solution that directs sound where you want it. Attach speakers weighing up to 15 lbs (7 kg) almost anywhere on a wall. The 15.0’s polymer ball fits snugly within its bracket, and a small threaded shaft connects to the speaker. The ball rotates to precisely position the speaker for maximized audio distribution.

  • Polymer-injected ball controls resonance frequencies for better sound
  • Stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
  • Suitable for all-weather use
  • Ball and clamp design for greater mounting flexibility
  • Includes clamp and jaw
  • Includes complete hardware kit


Speaker Mount - Ceiling

Enhance your audio system: OmniMount’s Stainless Steel Series 15.0 Speaker Mount is a top-of-the-line solution that directs sound where you want it. Attach speakers weighing up to 15 lbs (7 kg) almost anywhere on a ceiling. The 15.0’s polymer ball fits snugly within its bracket, and a small threaded shaft connects to the speaker. The ball rotates to precisely position the speaker for maximized audio distribution.

  • Polymer-injected ball controls resonance frequencies for better sound
  • Stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
  • Suitable for all-weather use
  • Ball and clamp design for greater mounting flexibility
  • Includes clamp and jaw
  • Includes complete hardware kit

Link to 15.0 Wall Mount Brochure

Link to 15.0 Ceiling Mount Brochure

*** 25lb version also to release soon!

Wall Mounted Pull Out & Swivel

Wall Mounted Pull Out & Swivel Automated Flat Panel Mount

The beauty and utility of a wall mounted flat-screen TV is even more enhanced with the INCA fully automatic and remote controlled, near silent, Wall Mount system. At the press of a button, you can bring your TV out of the wall and rotate it to the most desired viewing position. With the touch of a button, you can also initiate automatic commands that reverse motions, from any position, to bring the flat-screen TV back to the wall.

These systems are fast and easy to install. They are designed for up to a 65” flat panel TV weighing less than 75 pounds.

Features include the following:

• Includes a two-button radio remote or dry contact controller

• Completely assembled in wall mounting frame

• Cable management system

• VESA rated mounting system

• Limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

• Fast and easy installation

• Near silent operation

OmniMount AV Wall Shelf Replaces Bulky Media Furniture


  • Create a minimalist look with an AV wall shelf -- no need for furniture!
  • Works with TVs of any size
  • Store and display your tech gear beneath your TV
  • Includes hassle-free cable channel system for routing and concealing wires on the wall
  • Cable channel can be painted or trimmed
  • Wall shelf easily accommodates a sound bar or side-by-side components
  • Under-shelf cubby houses small components and electronic accessories
  • Cubby easily accommodates a surge protector power strip
  • Simple installation
  • Post-installation leveling for added ease of install
  • Mount in the desired spot regardless of stud location
  • Use alone or with multiple OWS60 shelves
  • Includes complete hardware kit for drywall or wood stud
  • Adjustable shelf height
OmniMount AV Wall Shelf Replaces Bulky Media Furniture
OmniMount, a leader in AV mounting solutions and pioneer of AV wall furniture, is now shipping the OWS22 AV Wall Shelf for supporting a small component underneath a wall mounted TV.

“Old school media furniture was made for bulky TVs and media components,” said Kevin Paulson, director of product management for OmniMount. “It takes up a ton of space on the floor and in a lot of cases isn’t necessary. TVs and components are lighter and more sophisticated now, and an AV Wall Shelf is often the best way to display a component or two under a wall mounted TV.”

The OWS22 wall shelf is compact and modular and supports up to 22 pounds. The shelf can be used alone or with additional OWS22 units for managing multiple components. The simple design is great for a single component, like a cable box, DVD player or gaming system. Features like a complete hardware kit and post-installation levelling ensure a quality installation.

“The design of OmniMount’s wall shelves are so functional and good looking that the applications go beyond AV,” Paulson continued. “We’ve seen people use the shelves as nightstands or to display decorations.”

Grandview Projector Lift


GPCK-ME1000 Refiner Series Projector Lift

The Grandview "Refiner" Series Projector lift delivers smooth operation with low noise level (<45dB) and holds up to 25Kg. Designed with high strength steel, this lift has a 1 meter range and the minimum installation height is just 190mm.

  • Heavy-Duty tubular motor and fireproof belt.
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Universal panel for use with a variety of projectors
  • Adjustable Height

GPCK-ME Brochure Link

AirCharge Wireless Charging Grommet


AirCharge Wireless Charging Grommet

The AirCharge solution enables users to power and charge their devices without the hassle of messy cords or cables. Designed to be easily installed in table surfaces, the sleek grommet fits into any standard 80 mm (approx. 3") opening and can be integrated into a variety of spaces offering a convenient way to charge any Qi compatible smartphone or device without the need to carry charging cables or find an available power outlet. A steel mounting plate and screws are included allowing customers the option to secure the grommet in place.

Devices not equipped with the Qi technology, can be adapted to accept a charge from the AirCharge unit by simply placing the AirCharge Wireless Receiver on the grommet and connecting a device to the Wireless Receiver using the connections provided.

AirCharge Brochure Link

4K/UHD, 8×2 Multi-Format Matrix Switcher with Dual, HDBaseT and Mirrored HDMI Outputs

4K/UHD 8x2 Multi-Format Matrix Switcher

The Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-824 is an 8×2, 4K/UHD @ 60Hz matrix switcher with multi-format signal-handling, Ethernet-enabled 100-meter HDBaseT™ input/output extension, and advanced audio capabilities.

  • 8×2 matrix switcher with HDBaseT and HDMI ports for each output
  • Three Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT inputs
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • One multi-function analog input on 15-pin HD connector
  • Two Ethernet-enabled, HDBaseT outputs
  • Audio output matrix mixer
  • Two, balanced, stereo audio outputs on 6-pin captive screw connectors


  • Three Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT inputs
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • One multi-funtion analog video input


  • Two Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT outputs, each with a mirrored HDMI output

AT-UHD-CLSO-824 Brochure link

Exceptional Sounding MX2275e Stereo Amplifier


A comparable amplifier without the Eco-System™ circuit uses about 14 times (65 watts) as much power while idling in standby. By comparison, the MX2275e with Eco-System™ uses under 5 watts while idling!

For more than 25 years, Knoll multi-channel amplifiers have sold around the world because of their legendary reliability and unparalleled sound quality. The MX2275e takes the next logical step by being eco-friendly. Please consider the environment when choosing your next system. The MX2275e cannot be mono bridged.


The Eco-friendly choice

The Knoll MX2275e is an exceptional sounding class A/B amplifier that produces 275 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 205 watts per channel at 8 ohms. While offering unparalleled reliability, power and sound quality the MX2275e offers a Knoll exclusive, the Eco-System™ circuit. This patent pending circuit determines when sound is required and delivers power only to the channel's) needing it. The channels that are "off" are truly off, not in "standby" or "mute".

The class A/B amplifier design circuitry was chosen simply because of its obvious sound quality superiority over other high efficiency designs such as class D or H.

The most important feature of the Eco-System™ circuit is the electrical savings that is delivered to the owner over what a comparable class A/B amplifier will cost to operate. The typical home owner will see a savings of hundreds of dollars or more per year in actual electrical costs and that can be multiplied when taking into account the increased costs of air conditioning the home to extract unwanted heat produced by a typical amplifier.

Flexo F6 Flexible, Semi-Rigid Wrappable Split Tube



Flexible, Semi-Rigid Wrappable Split Braid Tube

FLEXO F6’s unique split, semi-rigid braided construction makes it the ideal solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance. The lateral split allows the tube to open up to accommodate a wide variety of bundling requirements, and the semi-rigid braid configuration simply closes around the entire installation without the need for any additional fasteners (Velcro, tape, etc.). The 10 mil PET braid is lightweight, quiet and flexible. The 25% edge overlap (at nominal diameter) allows coverage around inline plugs, connectors and splices.

F6 will bend to a tight radius without distorting or splitting open and, unlike full rigid tubing, will not impair or affect the flexibility of harnesses. Allows for addition or removal of wires without disassembly.

  • Easy, Cost Effective Installation

  • More Flexible than Split Convoluted or Spiral Wrap

  • 25% Edge Overlap

  • Cut and Abrasion Resistant

  • Halogen Free

  • Retains Shape & Rigidity Throughout -94°F to 257°F Temp. Range

  • Melt Temp 482°F

F6 Brochure Link



Introducing the HEOS Drive


The Details
For maximum flexibility, the line level outputs are configurable. In their out-of-box state, they are full bandwidth and variable, allowing a zone to be used in conjunction with an external power amplifier if needed. In this application, the 12-volt trigger output typically can be used to provide a turn-on signal to the connected power amplifier. Alternatively, these outputs can set to fixed if being used in conjunction with an amplifier with its own volume control. Beyond that, the line-level outputs can be set to insert a high-pass filter with selectable crossover frequencies. In any setting, the line-level outputs are set to stereo in their out-of-box state. However, for most distributed audio applications, they can be switched to mono, allowing for both the left and right channels to play out of either speaker.

The left line level output can be configured as a subwoofer output with selectable low-pass filter frequencies. This would allow the use of the HEOS App to remotely choose the crossover frequency for the subwoofer rather than setting it on the subwoofer itself. In this application, the LFE input of the subwoofer should be used rather than its line-level inputs, thereby bypassing the subwoofer’s internal crossover.

The speaker-level outputs match the settings of the line-level outputs as either full-range or high-pass. As is the case with the line-level outputs, high-pass crossover frequencies can be set using the latest version of the HEOS App.

The HEOS Drive will be controllable by all the same 3rd-party control solutions as the rest of the HEOS family of products. Please check with your preferred vendors for driver availability.

The HEOS Amp and HEOS Link have already developed a reputation as offering best-in-class sound quality, build quality, flexibility and output in the case of the Amp. From their Burr-Brown DACs and ELNA capacitors to their dual-layer chassis, the HEOS Amp and Link have set themselves apart from all other wireless multi-room audio amplifiers and preamplifiers. However, when an installation calls for more than two channels of amplification, multiple HEOS Amps must be used, and they are too wide to fit side-by-side on a rack mount shelf.

Enter the NEW HEOS Drive. Offering a combination of performance and configurability that is unprecedented and unequaled, the HEOS Drive will quickly become a "go to" product for complex, multi-room distributed audio installations using passive loudspeakers.

The Basics
The HEOS Drive is a 2U (with feet removed), rack-mountable, 8-channel, 4-zone HEOS amplifier and preamplifier. Each channel is rated at 70 watts into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz at less than .1% THD. Two or four channels of the Drive can be bridged, allowing it to be reconfigured as a 6- or 4-channel amplifier. In bridged mode, the Drive is rated to deliver in excess of 100 watts per channel. Each zone can be treated as if it were an independent HEOS Amp or Link, allowing for streaming of all physical and cloud-based content supported by the HEOS App. The Drive offers the same IP control of Denon and Marantz AVRs as the Link.

In addition to the high quality, 5-way binding posts, each zone of the Drive includes a pair of analog inputs and outputs, a USB port, and a 12-volt trigger output. There are also two optical and two coaxial digital inputs. All inputs are matrixed, so that any source connected to any zone of the HEOS Drive can be made available as a source for any other zone. All inputs can be named to make source navigation easier for both the integrator and end user. There is a pair of Ethernet ports, allowing for as many as eight HEOS Drives to be daisy-chained for a total of 32 zones. The Drive is supplied with removable feet and rack mount ears. In recognition of its intended application, the HEOS Drive is the only HEOS product without built-in Wi-Fi.

The HEOS Drive uses the same Class-D amplifier topology as the HEOS Amp, a product that has been widely regarded as offering the best sound quality in the category. The HEOS Drive uses the same high performance digital-to-analog converter as the HEOS Amp and Link: The Burr-Brown PCM5102A 32-bit, 384kHz DAC. Finally, the HEOS Drive includes a Dolby Digital/Digital+ decoder to allow a display or set-top-box to be connected directly using its digital output regardless of the output setting of the device. Multi-channel audio will be down-mixed into stereo.


Introducing the HEOS Home Cinema

As part of our ongoing commitment to expand the HEOS product lineup, we are extremely pleased to officially launch the HEOS Home Cinema. This Sound Bar/Subwoofer package is one of three new solutions that will be joining the existing HEOS ecosystem during the next two months.

This Sound Bar/Subwoofer package comes fully equipped with numerous inputs (HDMI, Coaxial, Analog, Optical and USB) and provides a best in class experience! We are officially accepting preorders and will begin shipping in July.


  • 2.1 HEOS Wireless Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub
  • 1 x HDMI Input
  • 1 x HDMI Output with ARC
  • 1 x Coaxial Digital Input
  • 1 x Optical Digital Input
  • 1 x USB Input
  • DTS Decoding
  • Wall Mount Ready
  • 1 x Analog Input
  • 1 x Ethernet Port
  • Dolby Decoding

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