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Are you ready to move beyond traditional surround sound?

Come take a Test Drive in our Demo Theater configured with Dolby Atmos 5.1.4


We have recently updated our Demo Theater in Vancouver to include the new KEF THX Certified Extreme Speakers in a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 configuration.

In real life, sound comes from all around. But conventional surround systems only allocate it horizontally – left, right, ahead and behind. What makes Dolby Atmos so staggeringly realistic is that the movement of every sound in the scene is reproduced in all three dimensions, including vertically. This creates a true 3D acoustic image of precisely located individual sounds that move in relation to you as if you were actually there. The effect is uncanny. Exhilarating. Sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious; always engrossing.

Front Sound Stage Speakers: KEF Ci5160-THX
Surround Speakers: KEF Ci3160-THX
Height Speakers: KEF Ci200RR-THX
Subwoofers: KEF R400

Marantz SR7010 Receiver, Marantz MM7055 Power Amp

Video: JVC Pro RS67

Need to convert a conventional Speaker into a Stereo Speaker?


CiTR-SM Stereo to Mono Adapter

Situations often arise in multi room music distribution system in which there is only enough space to locate a single speaker. This usually happens in smaller rooms such as bathrooms where the ceiling space is limited either because of the inherently small size of the room, or much of the available space is taken up for lights and air vents. Using a conventional in ceiling speaker in this circumstance would yield compromised playback of only the left or right channel of the stereo signal, which is less than mono. Half of the music. Not good. The clever engineers at KEF have created an intelligent solution to overcome this all too common problem. The new CiTR-SM

• The CiTR-SM takes the separate left and right channels from the output of a stereo amplifier and combines them so they will playback into virtually any single speaker, with no compromise to the electronics, speaker or musical signal.

• With the CiTR-SM an installer is not limited to using an in-ceiling speaker for this application; they can choose ANY form factor - be it in-ceiling, in-wall, outdoor, on-wall, bookshelf or floor standing. Limitless choice.

• Should you choose to run the left and right speaker wires to the speakers, the CiTR-SM could be located behind the speaker. If the CiTR-SM is located at the electronics, time and money are saved because only a single speaker wire needs be connected from the CiTR-SM to the speaker.

CiTR-SM Brochure Link


4K Thin Bezel / Zero Edge Series

4K Thin Bezel / Zero Edge Series

Fixed Frame Projection Screen

What is the 4K Thin Bezel Series?

The 4K Thin Bezel Series is a collection of premium fixed frame projection screens that offer a sturdy extruded aluminum frame with 3/8" visible edge border options for a fully maximized viewing area. They are an excellent addition to any home theater, venue, conference room, or other location that needs a modern, high-performance projection screen.

Experience 4K Thin Bezel
The 4K Thin Bezel is a Severtson signature series of fixed frame projection screens. Each beautifully-designed screen is a masterpiece that is perfect for your home theater or venue. The durable, aluminum frame offers the thinnest visible frame that Severtson Screens can provide for a clean appearance that maximizes the viewable area. Choose one of the many perfectly tensioned screen materials with optional optical coatings or acoustic options that will take your viewing experience to the next level of performance. The 4K Thin Bezel is the pinnacle of the quality Severtson is known for. It offers simple assembly and Severtson Screens’ signature USA-made projection surfaces. Fully Customized Severtson Screens can custom-build a 4K Thin Bezel Series screen that is perfect for your application. Contact us for a quote on a custom size, format, or material option.


  • 3/8" velvet border for maximized viewing area.
  • Available in standard vinyl, optically-coated, or acoustic materials.
  • Projection surface is fully-tensioned.
  • Eligible for custom build program.

4K Thin Bezel Brochure Link


KD-X400ProK Ultra HD/4K HDMI Extender Kit





KD-X400ProK Brochure Link

KD-X400ProK Ultra HD/4K HDMI Extender

HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 (Tx + Rx Set) Extenders, support Ultra HD/4K, EDID Control, Hot Plug Control, Full Buffer System, IR Sensor, Up/Down IR & RS-232

  • HDBaseT via Single CAT5e/6 UTP/STP Extension: With fully automatic adjustment of feedback, equalization, and amplification depending on cabling length
  • Signal Extension:
    » Up to 150 ft. @ 4K 24/25/30(4:4:4)/60(4:2:0) using KD-CAT6STP1X cabling
    » Up to 125 ft. @ 4K 24/25/30(4:4:4)/60(4:2:0) using third-party CAT5e/6 UTP/STP cabling
    » Up to 250 ft. @ 1080p / 1920x1200 using KD-CAT6STP1X cabling
    » Up to 230 ft. @ 1080p / 1920x1200 using third-party CAT5e/6 UTP/STP
  • 4K/Ultra HD Resolution: Support for 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 24/25/30Hz at 4:4:4/8 Bit or 60Hz at 4:2:0/8 Bit
  • HDMI® and HDCP Licensing: Fully licensed and compatible with HDCP and HDMI latest technology such as 4K/UHD 4:2:0/8bit at 60f/s
  • EDID Control: Internal library features 15 default EDID configurations and native EDID data from Output/Display devices connected via Rx
  • Hot Plug Detection Control: Enables integrator to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected input devices
  • Full Buffer System™: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication with source & display, EDID Control handshake, and Hot Plug control
  • IR Sensor: Sensor powering via +5V on Rx unit’s IR In port collects line-of-sight IR from remote(s) without external IR connecting block
  • Up/Down IR: Two channels of IR enable control to/from devices connected to Tx and Rx units
  • RS-232: Bi-Directional control to/from Tx and Rx unit on 3.5mm connector
  • Rotary Switch RS-232 Control Mode: Provides control of Tx unit as well as connectivity status
  • 3D: Support for standard 3D stereoscopic signal formats
  • Deep Color Support: 12bit Deep Color video / 8bit color for 4K/UHD
  • Lossless compressed digital audio: Support for Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio™
  • CEC Support: For inter-device control between main input and output HDMI channel
  • I2C Communication: EDID and HDCP authentication to Display and Source
  • Control System Support: Compatible with Compass Control®, AMX®, Control4®, Crestron®, KNX®, RTI®, Savant, URC®, Leviton® etc.

PRO-RT Rack Mount Line Interactive UPS





PRO1000RT and PRO1500RT
Rack Mount Line Interactive UPS

Perfect Protection For Rack-Mount Systems The PRO-RT Series is a value-priced, yet feature-rich UPS incorporating line-interactive technology that preserves battery power by providing voltage regulation during brownouts or voltage sags. The PRO-RT Series can be used to support servers, telecom or VoIP systems, security systems, plus many other applications. An LCD display provides visual notification of power status, including input voltage, frequency, percent of battery charge, estimated runtime, plus many other conditions

Each PRO-RT model includes Minuteman’s SentryPlus® power management and diagnostic software. When installed on a workstation or server, the user gains complete control over monitoring and managing the UPS using a convenient web browser-based interface. The SentryPlus® software communicates via a built-in USB port or through a RS-232 connector on the UPS. In addition, managing the UPS within a Network Management System (NMS) is easy with the installation of an optional SNMP card.

PRO-RT Brochure Link



New Model Release...Now in Stock!



A thrilling new dimension in surround sound from a high-quality AV receiver occupying minimal space: that’s the promise of the NR1607, which features Dolby Atmos immersive surround decoding to deliver breathtaking surround sound from today’s advanced movie soundtracks. Slim enough to slip into any TV cabinet, it delivers the same revolutionary Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound found in the very best theaters, creating an overhead surround soundfeld to give a dramatic expansion of the sonic space. A future frmware update will also allow the NR1607 to decode DTS:X soundtracks, for ultimate compatibility with this new world of 3D sound.
And the NR1607 is ready for Ultra High Defnition vision, too: its advanced video section is fully compatible with the latest HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 specifcations on all 8 HDMI inputs, allowing it to pass all the latest video formats to an Ultra HD TV or projector. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with dual antennas for robust connection, let you stream your music via AirPlay or Spotify Connect, Pandora, and SiriusXM, or from local network storage drives – all the way through to high resolution audio, and with the famous Marantz sound quality. And it’s easy to control, too: the free “Marantz 2016 AVR Remote” app is available from the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Amazon appstore, to let you control the receiver from your smartphone or tablet.


  • Slim Design 7.2 channel AV Receiver with 50W per channel (8ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz with 0.08% T.H.D.)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support; built-in Bluetooth
  • 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR and BT.2020
  • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support
  • Analog to HDMI conversion and SD/HD to 4K Upscaling for legacy video sources
  • Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2) and DTS:X (via future firmware update)
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM, Network Audio Streaming
  • DSD (2.8/5.6MHz), FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV support
  • Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ
  • Color-coded speaker terminals, Setup Assistant, Marantz 2016 AVR Remote App Intelligent ECO mode with off/on/auto setting

NR1607 Brochure Link

New Model Release...Now in Stock!


AVR-X1300 Brochure Link


AVR-X2300 Brochure Link


New Model Release From Denon

Experience the latest home theater audio formats with the AVR-X1300W 7.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver, which delivers breathtaking immersive surround sound with today’s advanced movie soundtracks.

Fully loaded with the very latest audio and video technologies, the AVR-X2300W delivers incredibly immersive surround sound, optimized via extensive sound tuning – not to mention plenty of amplifer power.


  • 7.2 channel AV Receiver with 80W per channel (8ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz with 0.08% T.H.D.)
  • Enough power to fll medium size rooms with unique Denon sound
  • Built-in WiFi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support; built-in Bluetooth
  • Improved network stability especially in Wi-Fi-crowded homes
  • 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR and BT.2020
  • Latest HDMI standard for future-proof compatibility
  • 6 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support
  • Plenty of inputs for your Blu-ray Player, game console and more
  • Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2) and DTS:X™ (via frmware update)
  • Blockbusting 3D sound with effects from overhead ® ® ®
  • AirPlay , Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect , Pandora, SiriusXM™, Network Audio Streaming • Access to almost unlimited online music sources
  • DSD (2.8/5.6MHz), FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV support
  • High Resolution audio streaming for Hi-Fi enthusiasts even in Gapless
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ delivering perfect equalization for your individual room
  • Color-coded speaker terminals, Setup Assistant, Denon 2016 AVR Remote App
  • Hassle-free installation, setup and operation Intelligent ECO mode with off/on/auto setting


Select the clearance image for details


Clearance Items Sale
We have recently reviewed our inventory and have created a flyer of product that we have priced to clear. Items could be Overstock, Discontinued, Demo product, Slow Moving or could be an item that we no longer distribute. All items are in good order and carry the original manufacturers warranty.

PCS Demo Room update SALE
We are updating our theatre room to new systems and are offering special pricing on the existing product on a first come first serve basis. All product are in pristine condition with very few hours of usage. All items come with the original manufacturers warranty.

M&K inventory Clearance
We are clearing out the remainder of our M&K inventory...all items are in new and unopened condition

Boston M Series 5.1 Tower System
Recently Discontinued Boston Acoustics M Seriies 5.1 Tower System Special. We also have another M Series system set up in our demo theater if you would like to have a listen.


Audio Upgrade to the HEOS Product Portfolio HS2

The music you've always loved is new again with the incomparable sound quality of HEOS wireless home speakers. Fill every room with music.  Connect via Bluetooth® or to your Wi-Fi network and listen in High Resolution Audio. And, with almost endless sources for new music--online and streaming--you’ll discover plenty of new faves to enjoy on your wireless home stereo system. Lose yourself in the music.

For inquiring minds, HS2 stands for HEOS Series 2 and to be perfectly clear, all HS2 products are 100% compatible with the current line up while adding some new and exciting features:  

  • New HS2 Models: HEOS1, HEOS3, HEOS5, HEOS7, HEOS Amp and HEOS Link
    * The 4 speaker models will be available in both Black and White
  •  High Resolution Audio Playback - 192kHz/24bit (multiple formats supported such as FLAC, WAV, ALAC)
    * Watch for additional formats coming soon.
  •  Built-in support for Bluetooth (Customers will no longer need the optional dongle)
  •  Wireless AC spec for better wifi range (This is in addition to our current support for A,B,G and N)
  •  A higher clock speed with 4x the memory of the current line.
  •  Wireless surround technology (to be used with future products).
  • Plus more...


Boston/HEOS Combo Promotion


Boston/HEOS Combo Promotion

Enhance your outdoor living with the addition of a pair of outdoor Speakers from Boston Acoustics and a Heos Amp. While quantities last.

This powerful stereo amplifier turns any pair of speakers into a wireless streaming music system. Play your favorite music from a range of streaming services as well as your Smartphone, tablet, USB drives, or other external device.

New HS2 Models: HEOS1, HEOS3, HEOS5, HEOS7, HEOS Amp and HEOS Link

  • Stream from your favorite music service such as Rhapsody™, Pandora®, Spotify® , TuneIn, napster, Tidal and more.

  • 100 watt per channel Class D Amplifier

  • Free Heos app

  • Stream music stored locally on your iOS® or Android Smartphone or tablet

  • A USB jack, optical digital input and auxiliary 3.5 mm analog input jack allow playback from these sources to one or more

  • HEOS players with perfect synchronization

  • Stream music from devices on your home network such as NAS drives and PC and Mac computers

  • Built-in dual band wireless “N” connects to standard home wireless networks

  • Ethernet jack for wired network connectivity

Heos Amp Brochure Link

Voyager Speaker Link

Ci4100QL-THX & Ci4100QLb
In-Wall Speakers & Subwoofer


Ci4100QL-THX & Ci4100QLb
In-Wall Speakers & Subwoofer

Easy to install and stunning to behold (both visually and acoustically), KEF's all-new range of rectangular, in-wall speakers are designed and engineered for serious music and home theater systems.

The Ci4100QL - THX Select2 Certified in-wall speaker features a 4in. Uni-Q array with three same-sized MF drivers, and can be configured as front or rear channel speakers or positioned horizontally for use as a center channel. Housed in a rigid aluminum frame with a total mounting depth of 3in., the Ci4100QL can be mounted in any standard wall cavity.

The Ci4100QLb in-wall subwoofer features four 4in. LF drivers. Housed in a rigid aluminum frame with a total mounting depth of 3in., the Ci4100QLb can be mounted in any standard wall cavity. 


Ci Extreme Brochure Link

Have Limited Space behind the Wall or Ceiling?
Specify the Ci T Series Low Profile Speakers





Ci T Series Low Profile Speakers

KEF’s T Series of architectural speakers deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility when there is limited space behind the wall or ceiling. Needing less than 36mm (1 7/16 inch) of mounting depth both the Round Ci160TR and Square Ci160TS are the thinnest ever for a two-way speaker design. Complimenting them is the Ci200TRb, a remarkable 200mm (8inch) woofer needing only 59mm (2 11/32 inch) of mounting depth.

The KEF Ci T Series 1inch aluminum dome tweeter features KEF’s unique “tangerine waveguide” for natural high frequency response with wide and even dispersion. The rigid, flat, 4.5inch diaphragm of the MF driver (derived from KEF’s Ultra-Thin T Series on-wall speakers) provides clean upper bass and mid-range with excellent bass extension – all in an assembly less than 1˝-inch thick. Now every installer’s nightmare – ductwork, electrical conduits and plumbing situated in the exact spot the in-wall speaker needs to go – can easily be turned into a dream install.

All KEF Ci architectural speakers, including the T Series, are manufactured to Marine Grade Construction standards: The grilles are coated via a proprietary process, the speakers include moisture-resistant terminations and finish materials, and the plastics are UV protected. All are built to withstand harsh salt-spray and humid environments, allowing you to safely use these speakers in applications other speakers simply cannot be considered for – bathrooms, poolside or on your yacht.

Ci T Series Brochure Link

The New Elite Series IP Intercom 


Single Family Intercom Specifications

MDU Intercom Specifications

Touch Screen Room Station Specifications

The New Elite Series IP Intercom 

Although networking and structured wiring is an established backbone of any new home construction project, other technology features—such as audio, surveillance, automation and even front door access control—are often overlooked if the overall value does not immediately jump off the page. Yet millennials have begun to enter the marketplace, and are doing so as the first generation raised on the latest and greatest technology. This generation is changing the marketplace, driving builders to diversify the technology they offer to attract prospective renters and set their homes apart from the competition. The newest apartment complexes appeal to a certain lifestyle—and technology is an integral part of presenting that lifestyle to potential residents as the total package. One way to easily and affordably add that extra zest to a new home or complex is through the new IP Front Door Intercom and Touch Screen Platform by Channel Vision. 

The new IP intercom system from Channel Vision offers two distinct solutions for MDU/commercial use as well as for single-family homes. The MDU IP intercom features control of up to 999 rooms. Visitors can dial floor and room number to ring each room, upon which residents can video chat and unlock the door from their touch screen platform or Smartphone application. Residents can also control their audio systems, lights, curtains, room temperature and more from both the touch screen platform and through the app on their phones.

TruLink AV Controller by C2G

40348 AV Controller for Classroom & Conference Room AV Equipment 
The TruLink A/V Controller is a full-featured in-wall solution that is perfect for easy control of all classroom or conference room audio/video equipment; including up to two serial devices, such as a projector or display, a 12V DC triggered device, such as a projector screen or blinds and IR devices such as a DVD/Blu-ray player, document camera and other equipment. Specifically constructed for use in classrooms and conference rooms, this controller is innovatively simple to install, program and operate.

Consolidate control in one convenient location. No more searching for remotes, replacing expensive batteries or fumbling with small remote keys that are in a different position on each different remote. The TruLink A/V Controller provides the features needed without the cost and complexity associated with "higher end" solutions.
  • Large, backlit buttons for easy identification and quick operation
  • On-board, real-time clock for easy time and date programming, including automatic start-up and shut-down capability ensuring equipment is ready when needed and powered off at the end of the day to extend equipment life
  • Dual DB9 RS-232 ports provides control for two projectors or a projector and amplifier
  • 12V DC Triggering provides control for electromechanical devices, such as projector screens or blinds
  • Backup capability eliminates the need for reprogramming in the event of a power failure
  • Up to 32 commands for control of numerous A/V devices
  • Durable construction backed by a three year warranty ensures consistent operation in the demanding classroom environment

40348 AV Controller Brochure Link


The Step Back & Rise System is a unique unit that can retract a door or panel in a wall or cabinetry by stepping it back out of its frame and then vertically raising it up to reveal a hidden TV or object for viewing. This unit can accommodate up to 110" TV and operates in a smooth and quiet manner and is also available in a Step Back & Drop System.

• Smooth quiet operation
• Rack and pinion gear driven
• Hardware ready, to attach to your door
• Pre-wired to accept any INCA controllers
• Shipped fully assembled

• Rocker switch
• RF radio remote
• TV power on sensor
• Dry contact closure for touch screen use


Step Back & Rise Video Link

BELDEN SDI Serial Digital Interface Precision Video Cable

BELDEN SDI Serial Digital Interface Precision Video Cable

Belden SDI cables are the industry standard in the professional broadcast industry. All Belden SDI Precision Video Coax cables are sweep-tested to 4.5GHz for 1080p HDTV high definition movie and TV production and post-production.

1505A 20 AWG SDI Coax, RG59 size, .233" diameter, CMR Sweep Tested to 4.5GHz

1694A 18 AWG SDI Coax, RG6 size, .274" diameter, CMR Sweep Tested to 4.5GHz

Pair with Belden's Snap-N-Seal® ProSNS™ Compression Connectors for a superior quality, high-performance solution.


Belden SDI Brochure Link

Belden ProSNS Connector Brochure Link

Discover the Possibilities TM

Compass Control® represents the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®as its backbone.

Compass Navigator Test Drive Video

With the power of iOS and the Compass Control® App for the iPad®, iPad mini®,iPhone®, and iPod® touch, control for your dream system has become a reality thanks to simple swipe gestures and the simplicity of Compass Control’s beautiful graphic interface. Using Key Digital’s Compass Navigator™ software, programming a Compass Control® device is an intuitive step by step process utilizing simple ‘drag and drop’ gestures.

Android Coming Soon!

Compass Control Residential
Compass Control Commercial


Coming Soon: AT-UHD-SW-5000ED

4K/UHD 5-Input HDMI® Switcher with Two HDBaseT Inputs and Mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT Outputs

Expanding on our highly successful SW-5 Series of 5-Input 4K Switchers, we are excited to the announce the AT-UHD-SW-5000ED is coming soon. Featuring two HDBaseT inputs, three HDMI inputs, and mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT outputs, this innovative model provides integrators with maximum flexibility in designing AV systems for boardrooms and classrooms. The SW-5000ED supports 4K/UHD @ 60Hz, transmitting AV signals along with Ethernet, power and control over a single cable to displays up to 328 feet (100 meters) from the switcher. Additional features of the SW-5000ED include Automatic Input Selection and Automatic Display Control, reducing cost, setup time and providing the end user with the best experience possible. 

  • Two, Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT Inputs
  • Mirrored, dual outputs on HDMI and HDBaseT
  • Automatic display control using Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), IP, and RS-232
  • Automatic input selection using video detection technology 
  • Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT
  • IR, RS-232, and Ethernet HDBaseT insertion 
  • EDID and HDCP management
Supporting HDBaseT Input Devices:
AT-HDVS-200-TX - Three-Input Switcher for HDMI and VGA Sources
AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX - 4K/UHD HDMI Over 100m HDBaseT Transmitter with Ethernet, Control and PoE

Check our YouTube Channel for more information

AT-UHD-SW-5000ED Brochure link

AirStation™ N450 Wireless USB Adapter


AirStation™ N450 Wireless USB Adapter

AirStation™ N450 Wireless USB Adapter is a compact wireless client  that connects your computer to an existing wireless network or hot spot for quick and easy wireless Internet access at speeds up to 450 Mbps.

AirStation™ N450 Wireless USB Adapter easily plugs in to any available USB port on your desktop or laptop computer and connects to your wireless network. Setup is simple: use the helpful Web interface to walk you through configuration and connect in minutes. AirStation™ N450 Wireless USB Adapter also supports Buffalo AOSS and WPS for push-button connection. No drivers or software installation required!

  • Speeds up to 450 Mbps
  • Beamforming Technology
  • Compact Design
  • Backward Compatible

Projector Mounting Solution from Peerless AV



PPF Flush Ceiling Projector Mount For Multimedia Projectors up to 50lb (22kg)

This flush projector mount virtually disappears behind the projector delivering a highly desirable low-profile installation. Designed with enhanced installation simplicity and speed, this out-of-the-box mounting solution enables fast and easy flush mount installations and accommodates virtually all projectors up to 50lb (22kg)

  • Low-profile design for flush mount installations

  • Cable management allows cables to be routed through projector mount out of sight

  • Pre-assembled design reduces installation time

  • Includes hardware for installation to a wood joist or concrete

  • Spider® Universal Adapter Plate extends up to 17.63" (448mm) to fit most projector models

  • Specifications: Tilt: +30°/-5° Roll: ±20° Swivel: ±20°

PPF Brochure Link

Projector Mounting Solution from Peerless AV




PRGS-UNV Projector Mount
For projectors up to 50lb (22kg)

The PRGS Projector Mount simplifies the way image alignment is done. The precision gear design allows exact pitch and roll image positioning by either simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or using the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place. It will hold its position even during projector maintenance. With Peerless-AV® PRGS Projector Mount, just set it and forget it. No more adjustment screws. No more micro adjustments. No more hassles.

  • Two adjustment knobs to control tilt and roll image alignment and accurately hold image position, virtually eliminating any sag or drift

  • Specifications: Pitch: +15°/-20° Roll: ±5° Swivel: 360° (during installation)

  • Pre-installed security screws provide tilt and roll locking ability to prevent tampering and adjustments

  • Low profile design allows projector to be flush with the ceiling

  • Open frame assembly provides easy cable routing through the projector mount itself

  • Quick release mechanism to easily service projector

PRGS-UNV Brochure Link

Projector Mounting Solution from Peerless AV



PRG-UNV Precision Gear Projector Mount For Multimedia Projectors up to 50 lb (22 kg)

Peerless’ PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount is simplifying the way image alignment is done. The patent-pending precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by either simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or use the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place – it will hold its position even during projector maintenance. With Peerless’ PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount, just set it and forget it. No more adjustment screws. No more micro adjustments. No more hassles.

  • Patent-pending precision gears provides exact projector image alignment

  • Two adjustment knobs control projector image alignment

  • Pre-assembled design reduces installation time

  • Horizontal wrench access slots make flush mounting installations fast and easy

  • Cable management allows cables to be routed through projector mount out of sight

  • ”U” shaped pitch bracket allows for hassle free cable routing

  • Quick-release mechanism to easily service projector

  • Spider® Universal Adapter Plate extends up to 17.63" (448 mm) to fit most projector models

  • Pre-installed security screws provide optional tilt and roll lock to prevent tampering with adjustment knobs

  • Specifications: Tilt: ±20° Roll: ±10° Swivel: 360° when mounted on extension column ±15° when flush mounted on ceilings

PRG-UNV Brochure Link

New 2016 Cast Lighting Brochure available


Why Spend a Few Dollars More for a CAST Lighting System?

So That:

  • Your lights don’t break, bend, or fail. CAST’s rugged fixture construction ensures longevity

  • Your lights never become an eyesore. CAST solid bronze ages and patinas beautifully in the landscape

  • You don’t worry about shoddy manufacturing. CAST owns its foundry in the Americas - 100% control

  • You don’t worry about LED failures. CAST LED’s are engineered for the harshest conditions

  • You save money on your electric bill. CAST products are highly energy efficient

  • Your home and property are safe and secure. CAST lights illuminate dark areas without glare

  • You don’t bother neighbours and pollute the night sky. CAST lights are dark-sky friendly

  • You don’t waste valuable resources. CAST lights are sustainable and will never end up in a landfill

  • Your lighting system is trouble-free. The robust CAST System of Installation prevents system failure

  • Your home and property will be beautifully illuminated year-after-year. CAST guarantees it.

Cast 2016 Brochure Link

What kind of kiosk will you configure?

What kind of kiosk will you configure?

Choose from a versatile array of sleek, slim and attractive kiosk enclosures for virtually any application, any size order. Our kiosks are customizable in every way— from the choice of technology to custom paint and vinyl wraps. If you can envision it, we can make it happen.

We ask. You answer. KioskBuilder does the rest.

Just go to, where the KioskBuilder application will guide you through a simple series of questions such as: • Will the kiosk be indoors or outdoors?

• Portrait or landscape orientation?
• Free-standing, desktop or wall-mounted?
• What kind of display/touch technology, media player, etc., do you want?

Then, KioskBuilder provides you with options and you make your selections. It’s that easy.

We’ll take it from here.

After you’ve made your selection, Peerless-AV’s dedicated team of kiosk specialists:

• Reviews the request and provides a quote
• Procures the components on your behalf
• Integrates the components in the kiosk enclosure
• Tests the system to ensure component compatibility
• Ships your order of one or multiple fully integrated kiosks to one or multiple locations, eliminating time-consuming onsite assembly and project coordination.

4 X Category 6 Enhanced 550 MHz Bundled Cable

4 X Cat6 Bundled with Overall PVC Jacket

Structured Wiring Support Cable for Home Automation, General Purpose Lan/CATV, Balun support and media transmission for residential, light commercial and institutional applications.

These composite cables improve installation time and reduce the chance of violating minimum bend radius of the cable.


New From KEF - E Series architectural Speakers

The all NEW E Series Architectural CI Speakers

Heard but not seen, with unprecedented value and performance, KEF’s E series of architectural speakers is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all KEF’s architectural offerings and features KEF’s famed Uni-Q driver technology.

KEF’s Uni-Q driver enables the mid-range and tweeter to act as a single point source. This patented technology allows the listener to sit anywhere in the room and still enjoy KEF’s world-renowned sound and clarity without having to be positioned in the narrow “sweet-spot” found with conventional speaker designs.

The E Series also features KEF’s Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) technology which offers the thinnest possible visible rim around the speaker assembly. The bezel and grill can be painted to match the interior décor.

All KEF Ci architectural speakers, including the speakers in the E Series, are manufactured to Marine Grade Construction standards: The grilles are coated via a proprietary process, the speakers include moisture-resistant terminations and finish materials, and the plastics are UV protected, allowing you to safely use these speakers in applications other speakers in its price-range simply cannot be considered for – such as your bathroom, poolside, or on your yacht!

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Outdoor AV Solutions from PCS

In order to assist you in your Outdoor AV Solutions selection for your next project, we have created a short order price list to provide some excellent options. Please select the following link for our Flyer

Outdoor AV Solution Price List


XtremeTM Outdoor Soundbar Coming Soon!


SPK-060 Powered Xtreme Outdoor Sound Bar

Immerse yourself in outdoor entertainment at its finest with the market’s first amplified outdoor soundbar by Peerless-AV®.

Whether there’s rain, snow, ice or heat, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Sound Bar stands up to the toughest elements brought on by Mother Nature. With features such as Bluetooth® compatibility and full range audio (50Hz - 20kHz), your outdoor entertainment experience gets an upgrade.

Additional Features:

  • Built-in Class D amplifier outputs 180W total system power

  • IP65 rated aluminum enclosure features rubber gaskets at every seam that completely seal, isolate and protect the soundbar’s electronics from the outside environment

  • High quality drivers provide great sounding full range audio (50Hz - 20kHz)

  • Control the power level, tone, and input selection with the 12 button IR remote control

  • Easily mounts to the Peerless-AV® XtremeTM line of weatherproof displays

SPK-060 Brochure Link



Severtson Screens now available from PCS


Severtson Screen Literature Link

Acoustically Transparent Video

Legacy Series Fixed Frame Video

Spirit Series In-Ceiling Motorized Screen Video

Severtson Screens

Severtson Screens is a global leader in projection screen technology and is known throughout the world for excellent quality projection screens.

Looking for the best in screen technology?

Severtson offers a screen surface for nearly every application. Our USA made vinyl materials are nearly twice as thick as many competitors’ vinyl and are carefully engineered to provide true color reproduction. Our unique optical coatings provide high-gain, uniform viewing surfaces for excellent 2D and 3D viewing that can not be experienced anywhere else.

Whether it is a home theater screen, presentation screen, or a large cinema screen... no one understands innovation and quality like Severtson Screens!

“The SAT-4K and the TAT-4K offer the professional installer and integrator two great options when deciding on a state-of-the-art acoustically-transparent projection screen,” explained Toby Severtson, president and CEO of Severtson Corp. “Made in the USA, the SAT-4K replicates the cinema experience in the home like no other projection screen on the market today. Also Made in the USA, the TAT-4K offers the same innovative technology as the SAT-4K, but is designed specifically for installations with incoming ambient light, meeting and exceeding all industry standards for optimum acoustic performance.”

ParamountTM Audio Visual Mounting Solutions

Peerless Paramount Brochure Link

ParamountTM by Peerless AV

The Paramount™ line by Peerless-AV® is the balance of form and function. To achieve the ultimate viewing experience, Paramount display mounting solutions deliver low profiles with an ease of installation and a stylish offering of durable design. Movement and versatile functionality are the hallmark attributes that make the Paramount comprehensive line of mounts an attractive solution for creating comfortable viewing angles.

The Paramount™ series of flat and tilt wall mounts are simple and easy to install. The low-profile design positions the display close to the wall, complementing the latest displays on the market. The Hook-and-Hang™ system offers easy, one person installation of the display, while the Easy-Glide™ adaptors hook onto the wall plate for a quick, simple, and secure installation. Achieve perfect positioning of the display with the side-to-side adjustment feature after installation. A ratcheting handle provides locking tilt capability for quick adjustments to the amount of tilt, reducing glare and optimizing the viewing angle.

The Paramount™ series of pivot and articulating wall mounts provide versatile and multi-functional features. The arm allows the display to be fully extended or retracted from the wall for an improved viewing angle. Integrated cable management protects, contains and conceals cables for a clean installation. One-  Touch™ tilt technology of ±15° vertical tilt movement, ±5° roll for post-installation leveling and ±90° pivoting means the display will be perfectly positioned for the ideal viewing angle.





Marantz Pre-Amp Processor's


The Marantz AV8802A 11.2 channel A/V pre-amp/processor is packed with the latest audio and video technologies, all designed to provide you with the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience. Most remarkably, the AV8802A features breathtaking 3D-sound options, including Dolby Atmos® and Auro- 3D® (paid upgrade required), giving you the ability to add additional speakers for a truly expansive and immersive surround sound experience. The AV8802A further enhances audio quality by delicately handling all signals via the Marantz HDAMs in Current Feedback topology before being passed to the XLR outputs and separate power amp. The video section with full HDCP 2.2 support features advanced high resolution video processing and decoding, and is equipped with video upscaling that upconverts standard definition (SD) video sources from legacy components to high definition 4K/60Hz full-rate video.


The extremely versatile AV7702mkII, perfectly and expertly handles any kind of high resolution multichannel audio format. It also offers an extended network package including audio streaming, internet radio, Spotify Connect®, Pandora®, SiriusXM™, and AirPlay®. It even includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capabilities. Superb surround sound audio quality from the latest tone formats is guaranteed by the powerful 32-Bit SHARC DSP offering high channel separation that leaves no chance for any crosstalk. Tone formats include the latest decoding technologies Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (via future firmware update) and Auro-3D (optional paid upgrade) – which not only provide breath-taking surround sound but also open the door to 3D sound. The DSP is supported by high quality 192kHz /32 bit DAC. In addition, the 11.2 channel AV7702mkII further enhances audio quality by delicately handling all signals via Marantz’s own current feedback HDAMs preamp, before passing them to the high-quality 11.2 XLR or 13.2 RCA outputs and separate power amp. The AV7702mkII also takes supreme care of video signals via the eight HDMI 4k 60Hz pass-through / scaling inputs and sends them to the two HDMI output sockets or independently to the third HDMI output that is dedicated for multi-room. All of them support HDCP 2.2 copy protection for 4k UHD content.

Power Amp's Packed with Proprietary Marantz Audio Technology


MM8077 7-Channel


MM7055 5-Channel


MM7025 2-Channel

Marantz Power Amplifiers

MM8077 7-Channel

Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience, the MM8077 7-channel power amplifier is equipped with the same amplifier technologies that are incorporated in our reference class hi-fi amplifiers, including our unique current feedback discrete power amplifier stage design, which features a high slew rate that provides a wide bandwidth for the utmost enjoyment of today’s high resolution audio formats. At the heart of the MM8077 is our high current power supply, which features a massive toroidal power transformer that provides substantial headroom for dynamic peaks along with the ability to handle lower impedance speaker loads. The MM8077 is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms for each of the 7 channels. For the ultimate home theater experience, you can pair the MM8077 with our MM7705 5-channel power amplifier, which lets you enjoy thrilling 11-channel surround sound with the latest multi-channel audio formats, such as DTS Neo:X. For easy control, the MM8077 features remote power on/off control compatibility with select Marantz A/V pre-amplifiers, such as our AV8802A

MM7055 5-Channel

From its sculptured front panel to its high quality loudspeaker binding-post s, the MM7055 five channel power amplifier brings Marantz sound quality to virtually any music or home theater system. Using technologies originally developed for the exclusive Marantz Reference Series, this flexible amplifier boasts many possible uses, all united by the singular quest for perfection that has long distinguished Marantz.

The MM7055 power amplifier produces 140 watts of high current output from each of its five channels. This is “real world” power, too, measured across the full audio bandwidth (20 Hz – 20 kHz) at 8 ohms with 0.08% Total Harmonic Distortion. Among other attributes, this means the MM7055 is capable of long term power delivery into low impedance speakers.

MM7025 2-Channel

The Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier answers many needs for both two-channel devotees and home theater enthusiasts alike. It produces 140 watts of full-bandwidth, very low distortion power per channel, so it can precisely control demanding speakers in large rooms or deliver subtle nuance in smaller acoustic environments.

Economy Wall Mount Cabinets RB-FW Series


Economy Wall Mount Cabinets


  • Constructed in light duty 16-gauge steel.

  • Includes two (2) pairs of EIA-310-D compliant 19 inch square hole mounting rails.

  • Starter pack of (25) M6 screws, cage nuts and washers included.

  • For 10-32 hardware see the CAGKIT1032-xx Series.

  • Rails are adjustable.

  • Includes one (1) tempered glass reversible front door.

  • Includes one (1) pair of locking removable side panels.

  • Front and side of frame includes venting for air flow.

  • Rear cable access.

  • Provision for optional fans on top panel.

  • Ships un-assembled - some assembly required.

  • Finished in black powder paint.

  • Tested to 130 lbs (59 kg) of equipment load capacity.

  • RoHS Compliant.

RB-FW Brochure Link

Center Pivoting Wall Mount Rack



Center Pivoting Wall Mount Rack

The Hammond Wall Mount Rack (HWMR) series was designed to easily mount network equipment in IT environments with limited floor space. Unlike similar racks, Hammond has integrated both depth adjustment and pivoting swing out capabilities in one rugged open rack system. Available in 12U, 20U, 24U and 32U rack unit options the HWMR can easily adjust in depth from eighteen to twenty four inches to accommodate a wide range of equipment sizes.


  • Constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge steel (braces and rack rail); 16 gauge

  • steel (other body components).

  • EIA compliant square-hole rails with rail unit space markers.

  • Rack frame pivots on center providing convenient equipment access

  • without exceeding the rack footprint.

  • Adjustable variable depth from 18” to 24” using slots for easy set-up and

  • adjusting.

  • Variable usable depth from 15.1" to 21.1"

  • Top and Bottom rack units have a usable depth from 12.4" to 18.4".

  • Three (3) spring pin positions allow for simplified equipment maintenance.

  • Side and rear cable access with multiple tie points for cable management.

  • Finished in smooth black powder paint.

  • Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping

  • protection.

  • Tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 220 lbs (100 kg).

  • RoHS Compliant.

  • Manufactured in North America.

HWMR Series Brochure Link

APBS Wall Mount Rack with Shelf

Wall Mount Rack with Shelf


  • Constructed in 14-gauge steel.

  • EIA-310-D compliant 10-32 tapped rails with 19” mounting.

  • Adjustable depth from 12” to 18” using slots for easy set-up and adjusting.

  • Rear cable access with multiple tie points for cable management.

  • Includes twelve (12) inch depth accessory shelf.

  • Finished in smooth black powder paint.

  • Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping

  • protection.

  • Includes starter pack of mounting hardware. (25-pack of 10-32 screws)

  • Tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 75 lbs (34 kg).

  • RoHS Compliant.

  • Manufactured in North America

APBS Series Brochure Link

New From Channel Vision

The A500 2 Channel & Subwoofer Amplifier

Output Power:
Stereo: 2X 90W @ 8 ohms
2X 150W @ 4ohms
Bridged: 1X 300W @ 8 ohms / PEAK 440W
1X 500W @ 4 ohms / PEAK 700W

A500 2 Channel & Subwoofer Amplifier

Channel Vision’s high performance amplifier is designed to support the highest levels of music reproduction performance with the power-handling capability for building better-sounding systems. The A500 features an efficient low-profile design with the control flexibility to get the best performance from your speakers and room.


  • 3 on/off modes: manual, voltage or signal

  • Separate full-range and sub inputs for maximum signal integrity

  • Less than 0.5W Standby Current Draw

  • LFE switch to bypass the low pass filter

  • 5-Way Binding posts

A500 Brochure Link

A500 Installation Guide Link

Extreme Home Theater THX Speakers and In-Wall Subwoofers


KEF Reference Series Ci Speakers

For the ultimate in Extreme Home Theatre, the formidable new Ci Reference Series has the jaw dropping acoustic capabilities of the classic KEF R Series floorstander it’s named after, with all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality.

The Ci Reference Series consists of an in-ceiling speaker that can be combined with one of two in-wall models, and a sensational new powered subwoofer. As you might expect, its towering performance sets a new standard for custom installed speakers.

The Ci200RR-THX is an in-ceiling speaker certified to THX ULTRA2 standard. A deep understanding of the filmmaking process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers, THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in your living room. The results? Action sequences are impactful, and dialogue-driven moments are natural and engaging.

With a 38mm(1.5inch) tweeter voice coil coupled to a vented aluminum dome with tangerine waveguide, and a woofer with absolutely massive magnet and Z-flex surround, the KEF Ci200RR-THX is an in-ceiling LCR capable of delivering a magical musical theatre experience even in the largest of rooms.

The Ci5160RL-THX is crafted with a massive aluminum baffle to eliminate vibration and is the perfect platform for the 160mm aluminum cone Uni-Q with tangerine waveguide, and four 160mm woofers. Capable of bi-wire and bi-amplifier connections the Ci5160RL-THX delivers on the performance promise of all KEF R Series speakers.

The Ci3160RL-THX is crafted with a massive aluminum baffle to eliminate vibration and is the perfect platform for the 160mm aluminum cone Uni-Q with tangerine waveguide, and two 160mm woofers.  Capable of bi-wire and bi-amplifier connections the Ci3160RL-THX delivers on the performance promise of all KEF R Series speakers.

Ci3160RLB-THX In-Wall Subwoofer

For the ultimate in Extreme Home Theatre, certified to THX ULTRA2 and THX SELECT2 standards, the formidable new Ci R Series Ci3160RLb-THX in-wall subwoofer has the deep bass and theatre thumping output capabilities of a traditional KEF subwoofer coupled with the ability to deliver all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality. With three high-output 160mm sub-bass drivers mounted to a massive aluminum baffle the Ci3160RLb-THX must be matched with KEF’s powerful KASA500 system amplifier. Each KASA500 can power up to two of the Ci3160RLb-THX subwoofers for even the most demanding theatre installations.


Now in Stock!!

DLA-RS400 Brochure Link

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DLA-RS600 Brochure Link


New JVC D-ILA Projectors Significantly Increase Brightness & add 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 Compatibility

DALLAS, October 15, 2015 – JVC today announced a new line of custom installation projectors with models that are nearly 50 percent brighter than current JVC projectors. Two (2) FULL SPEED 18Gbps HDMI inputs with HDCP2.2 provide connection to the latest 4K UHD sources with support for up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, including HDR and 4:4:4 color sampling. Additionally they deliver highest in-class brightness and the industry’s highest native contrast ratio.

The projectors’ performance boost is driven by a new high-power lamp and upgrades to JVC’s unique e-shift4 technology, a combination that delivers high brightness and superior 4K precision images.

JVC’s 2016 projectors are the Reference Series DLA-RS600, DLA-RS500, and DLA-RS400.

  • Highest brightness in class delivered by a new high-power lamp
  • 18Gbps FULL SPEED HDMI Inputs with HDCP2.2
  • Industry-leading Contrast Ratio (Native contrast ratio of 150,000:1)
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility on all models
  • Evolutionary JVC proprietary e-shift4 technology
  • Motion Enhance – Newly developed blur reduction technology
  • Auto Calibration Function* to optimize the picture
  • Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol)

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